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27 décembre 2014 6 27 /12 /décembre /2014 12:32

As I already explained here, eyes are mirrors of our souls, they speak a langage that our mind and your heart understand instantly.

That's because our brains are divided in 2 parts : our "left brain" controls thoughts, and our "right brain" controls emotions. When you look at sometone, that person can instincly feel how you feel about her/him : your eyes are speaking for you. They speak about pain, joy, emotions, and thoughts. So if someone looks at you with his "right eye", his right brain, you feel his emotions, if someone is watching you with his left eye, you feel...uncomfortable, like he's analysing you. Cause that's exactly what that person is doing.


Eyes are the reason why however bad Loki can act, we adore him, because his eyes are talking pain to our hearts. And eyes are the reason why, however breathtaking Thranduil is, you immediatly feel he's dangerous, when he looks at you straight in the eyes, you feel uncomfortable. Thranduil is almost always watching people with HIS left eye, he's not feeling, he's thinking.


look what happens here, even if the studio's lights are lighting the right side of his face, his left eye seems...bigger, brighter than the right one !

Now look what happens when Thranduil is really feeling somethin, anger : he's suddenly watching with his right eye :


Of course, that's something directors know very well, you can see Peter Jackson filmed Thranduil's left face almost all of the time.

Look at his eyes the very first time you can see him :



You see how's he's watching Thorin with his thinking-left eye ? even if the right one is lightened, this right eye is not staring at Thorin, it squints a little, it's not the watching eye.

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essay writers 01/03/2015 14:19

Excellent post:)

ririe 27/12/2014 18:14

Hi, thanks a lot for reading/answering.
Actualy, that "theory" you talk about is not mine at all. This post is based on 2 books by Joseph Messinger (psychiatrist) and Philippe Turchet, books I had to read while studying psychology (cause I've studied graphology and you cannot study graphology without studying psychology/behavior too) :).
I think half of Philippe Turchet's book is just **** but thanks to Tumblr, I've noticed his deep thoughts on eyes are pretty accurate :D.
So if you disagree, I have to admit, I don't take it personaly :)))
I, for mysef, have noticed that, on each and every picture of anybody/anyone, there's always an eye realy watching and another one following. And I have noticed that it works for me, when I think, I watch people with my left eye, and if I meet someone I love, I watch with my right eye. My brothers tried and found the same. So however complicated it is to explain scientifically, I cannot tell you that it's not true :)

Viktorija 27/12/2014 18:50

I'm glad you're okay with my skepticism. :))

The body language books (if that's what you're referring to) are often extremely oversimplified and usually spread myths. There are certain indicators, but in science they don't do. Well neuroscientists would disagree with this type of claims about our eyes. And I do also, there just isn't enough proof, I don't see it.
Interesting, by what I know the left side of your face should be more emotionally expressive than the right one in general (because it's controlled by the right brain hemisphere). But this thing about the eyes, I'd explain that you and your brothers expected something like this to happen, so it did - it was a self-fulfilling prophecy. I might be wrong, but I'm hugely skeptical of this.
I also don't notice anything very much different in the pictures/gifs you posted. Maybe there is something, I'll look into it.

Viktorija 27/12/2014 17:16

Hi. :)
Actually the optic tracts cross at the optic chiasm, so you see images that come in your right eye in the left side of the brain and vice versa. So your theory here is extremely faulty scientifically speaking. The visual system is a LOT more complicated than this.
It also isn't so easy to draw a line between the right and left brain hemisphere. The right one is usually considered to be more "artistic" and "emotional" so to speak - we understand the melody of someone's voice there for example. It's responsible for giving our speech an emotional and melodic tone - but does that make it more "emotional"? Overall I think it's wrong to pull such a strong line between the two hemispheres. And I'd suggest you read a bit more into the visual system and the nervous system.