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31 janvier 2015 6 31 /01 /janvier /2015 11:42

Who is Lee Thranduil-Ned-Roy-Joe Pace ?


I've been very surprised by his signature. Watching him, I thought Lee would be euhm...maybe more "Joe" than "Ned". He's actually more Ned than Joe. And he's nothing at all like Thranduil :D


So who is Lee ?


The most interesting part of that picture is his signature. Lee never signs "Lee     Pace" , he ALWAYS signs "leePace" : there ain't no Lee without Pace, Lee doesn't think of his own self without his familly. Tom Hiddleston signs "tom + Hiddleston", he thinks Tom, AND Hiddleston. Lee makes no distinction. There's no Lee all alone. So, if he loves you but his familly don't, he will always choose his familly. You take Lee+Pace or you just have nothing at all.

Plus : Lee does not feel the need to protect himself, but you see the P of Pace? Laaarge, round, the most important part of his signature : Lee is drawing you his love for mum/dad, and then he writes "ace" under P : Lee is very protective with "Pace". And when I say "very protective", I mean that the only real way to get him angry is to attack "Pace". You can bite Lee, you cannot touch Pace.

Reading all this, you're allowed to think loneliness probably scares him a lot. In France we always say "Il vaut mieux être seul que mal accompagné" (it is better to be alone than in bad company) Lee would probably not say that :D.


Another interesting part of that picture is (hard to explain :D) F and G, those 2 letters have down parts. Down parts measure materialism/money/greed (and other things we won't talk about) , and Lee restricts those parts as much as possible. So yep, I'm gonna tell you now, there ain't no materialism inside Lee, Lee can be rich or poor and still happy. So, Lee is probably an adventurer : living things/experience seem to be more important to him than gainning anything.

That would make him rather impredictible.


Lee is a very positive person (rising writing). He's sociable too .



(I'm never done with handwriting/signature analysis, so, more to come, soon or not)

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anon 18/10/2015 23:48

cool! looking forward to other analyses of Lee :))