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1 janvier 2015 4 01 /01 /janvier /2015 15:51

Pollard's signature is really surprising, since many fans think he's shy, hidding behind his hair, not that much about talking, about interviews or anything, living on his own world.

We got him all so wrong !

Pollard's signature is telling a whole different story


*First, his signature shows a real sophistication, so I don't think he's hidding behind his hair, it's just esthetical :D. Of course I have very very few material (3 pictures), but I don't see anything like shyness.

*Simplicity, and laziness (2 L are missing hum hum), not that Pollard seems to need a reason to do things, something like a lake of motivation (but I need more handwriting to measure that).

*Pollard is everything but depressed, not even sad, he's positive and sociable, with...Humor ! Yep, you got me perfectly, I said Pollard is funny.

*A lot of tenderness, Pollard is Winnie the Pooh :D

*Pollard's signature is an affirmation (he's not drawing something unreadable, he's just writing his whole name), but without aggressiveness or too much authority, and not too much ego (signature not too large, not too big, but not small either)

*Pollard seems to be a balanced guy (his heart and his mind are equal, he's not thinking more than he feels, any decisions are taken with both mind and heart).

*Pollard is writing you he's not defenseless, everytime he signs, he's warning you : if you bite me, I bite back.

*He's smart (obviously, I knew he was not stupid, but he's surprisingly smart), Pollard probably travels a lot (I mean, not only while touring) and/or read a lot (actually, I think he was a brilliant student, if not, it's just laziness, not a lake of ability)


Pollard is adorable, a way I could not have guessed just watching him.

And Dave is a very generous bear on a cave :D :D











Pollard Berrier (Archive) Signature analysis
Pollard Berrier (Archive) Signature analysis
Pollard Berrier (Archive) Signature analysis

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