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2 août 2012 4 02 /08 /août /2012 02:21

I wanna thank @_maybe_maybe_ for she asked me the most interesting question a Tom fan asked me, I mean it.




Well yes, I do know, it's just so obvious that I forgot to write about it girl ! :D


So, why does he laughs "eheh", well because he's trying to refrain !

Ah God, yes, it's that simple, yes.

I'm absolutly certain you can find out many videos where he started laughing "ahah" for a second and then it becomes "eheh" in the end.

Videos that I just can't find for you, as you know I never listen to him, I just watch :)

Do your research, find a video where he's nervous (moving a lot on his chair), and i'm quite sure you'll find out what you're searching for :)



cheers girls !!



Few minutes later 



You're right girl :writing things without showing them is just not right :)

so, thanks to _maybe_maybe_, I can show you videos to prove i'm right, but first af all, i'd like all of you to look at this one, for here is something i've never seeen/heard before, in this video, he's refraining so much that he laughs with..no sound at all !!

This is quite unique I can tell !

And then, he's hiding his face on his hand, mix of shame_shyness_way to stop laughing (pretty cute)

Look and this time, listen too ^_^

from 1"17 to 1"40 

Refraining from laughing is just very very natural, we all do so : think about it , what do you do when you laugh ?
Your face suddenly becomes as red as a tomatoe, you try to hide behind your hands...yeah yeah : you are ashamed.
But why?
Because laughings shakes your whole body with spasms, because...well just because you're losing control among yourself.
Laugh is a very strong emotion that takes control of you, despite your own will
Look at a baby when he's laughing : he's not hiding : these things come up with ages.
You become aware of yourself, of how you're supposed to act or not, you...take control of your body.
But laughing his something that takes control of you. So, very instanctly : you refrain, you try to stop. as you cannot do it instantly, you hide your face in an ashamed behavior.
His way to refrain is to laugh "eh eh". But sometimes, before he can take control back, you can hear "ah ah" cause we all laugh "ah ah", "eh eh" is not natural.
Thanks to _maybe_maybe_, I can illustrate my words with videos :)
So,  at 4"19 

 at 4"44



I'm sure we could find out many many video, but that wouldn't be more releaving I think, so ...


I'm sure many of you noticed that, most of the time, he's not trying to hide when he laughs (did you?)


As I explained, most of us are hiding while laughing, but some of us just don't : they assume they're laughing, they don't care about what you think, they just express themselves :this is self-confidence.

Tom almost never try to hide how he feels, reason why people adore him, emotions are catching. He refrains a little from laughing out loud, this is just education :)



MESSAGE TO YOU, HIDDLESTONERS :  message to you, hiddlestoners

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loki Army 02/08/2012 18:45

you work on tom is just like..woaw..

I've found out this video, he's laughing ah ah almost all the time ;)

_maybe_maybe_ 02/08/2012 03:30

another one !!
I listened several times, I'm quite sure he's laughing " ah ah" here 14"29 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEloM2EPeZ8

Just amazing

_maybe_maybe_ 02/08/2012 03:11

Oh god, in this one too !
exept he doesn't seem to be nervous (is he ?)
4"44 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6xGXOP_8h8

_maybe_maybe_ 02/08/2012 02:48

I cannot believe this, YOu were just right !!
The very first video I've tried was the good one : He's laughing "ahah" here !!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ad24d13ZZI4 4"19
It's just amazing you know !
I'm totaly hysterical now !!Oh god, how I wish I could knew half as much as you...

_maybe_maybe_ 02/08/2012 02:43

God !!re you sure i'll find that ? I'm searching for those videos now ^^