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3 novembre 2013 7 03 /11 /novembre /2013 19:26

You wanna see Loki? You would pay for it ? You're right, Thor2 is a very amazing movie. Grandiose, epic, beautiful, funny, sad...Everything you want it to be, it is.

But Loki, how long will you see him ?

Good question.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki (I say Tom Hiddleston because sometimes, you know, Loki is not really...himself :) ), you will see him 13 times. First time at 3"53 (not long to wait !! ^_^)

And you will see him...about 21 minutes.


3"58 : 2 minutes

34"57 : 1minute30

38"07 : 15 seconds

39"20 : 35 seconds

40"27 : 10 seconds

45"05 : 5 seconds

51"20 : 30 seconds

58"14 : 3 minutes and 15 seconds

01"01"54 : 15 seconds

01"02"36 : 20 seconds

01"03"10 : 6 minutes and 5 seconds

01"13"11 : 6 minutes

last Loki scene : few seconds



Tom Hiddleston handwriting analysis

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Published by ririe - dans tom hiddleston
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16 septembre 2013 1 16 /09 /septembre /2013 17:37

Last year, I wrote here that Tom is not that much about winning the "Total Film Hotlist" award. And many Hiddles started to spam me with, euhm, not very kind tweets. I didn't feel like answering.

But now I'd like to show you something :

This is Tom receiving his Total Film Hotlist award (as usual, turn off the sound)


Now, this is Tom winning on MTV Movie Awards (don't listen, just watch, from 0"00 to 0"46)


Did you notice his smile and what he's doing with his shoulder ? Tom is proud. Really.

Now if you really don't see the difference, well...just watch again :D

 Of course, Tom is  politely pleased to "win" something given by fans. But Tom is a man, and "sexy" to a man is not "sexy" to a woman. I'm sure he misunderstood his "price", your votes.


Marilyn Monroe and Megan Fox

In 2007 the whole world discovered Megan Fox. Same year, I heard 7 collegues, men, talking about her. Let's say it clearly, they were saying that she was "fuckable" (I say pornable). They used the word "sexy" many times, they were talking about her like they would talk about a sex toy, not a human being.

I can't remember how but in the end, they talked about Marilyn Monroe. They didn't use the word "sexy", they did not talk about her like she's a sex toy, they said she were beautiful, wonderful, so female, so this, so that...but not sexy.

To me, as a woman, Marilyn is sexy, the pornable way. Seems like, to many men, Marilyn is THE woman. Not a sex toy but a kind of goddess, something unreal, too beautiful, too perfect to be true. A fantasy, but not the pornable way. Interesting, isn't it ?

I've talked to many many men since that year, I noticed that, most of the time, when you say "sexy" they say "Megan Fox", when you say "beautiful" they say "Angelina Jolie/ Monica Belluci", when you say "woman" they say..."Marilyn Monroe".


As Tom Hiddleston actualy is a man, I'm quite sure when he's said he's "sexy", he undertands "you are pornable, you are...Megan Fox".

You get it all wrong man, that's not what the Hiddlesphere means when they say you are the sexiest man alive.


Because Sexy is not pornable

No, Hiddles don't mean you are "pornable" Tom.

Facts are : when Hiddles think Tom Hiddleston, they don't feel like some do when they think "Justin Bieber". When girls think "Justin Bieber", they think "taking his clothes off and raping him violently". When Hiddles think "Tom Hiddleston", they want a... a...



Yeah, they want a hug.

So sex, isn't it...


Fact N2 : I saw many many fanart pictures, some very amasing, drawings of Tom and Loki. Seems like Loki is "pornable", some fans (men most of the time) draw Loki in very very sexual postures. But not Tom. Drawing Tom naked or having sex seems to be a HiddleTaboo. Tom is respectable, Tom is not pornable.


And this is when I lose every man and this is when they ask "if he's not pornable, why he's he the sexiest man alive" ??

Because "sexy" in Hiddles mouth doesn't mean pornable but SENSUAL


Big Time Sensuality (never mind, I'm just singing Björk :D)


What is sensuality?

We can talk about it for hours, but there are few certain things we can say about it : Sensuality cannot be faint, and sensuality cannot be learnt. You are sensual, or you are not.

Sensuality is not subjective the way beauty is. Because beauty depends on your tastes, but not sensuality. Sensuality is an emotional response to something your senses are experiencing, most of the time, sensuality comes from what you see, but some sounds can create very sensual sensations.

Yeah...some sounds...like deep voices. Deep voices are "porn for ears" to woman. In France, in 2007, we had a presidential election. To win, some communication experts told Nicolas Sarkozy to speak slowly, with his deepest voice. Why ? Because deep male voices are sexy, the sensual way. When a woman listen to a male deep voice, she feels secure, confident. It's very hypnotic to women. If you're not sure, talk about a girl about how she feels when she listens to Depeche Mode's The World In My Eyes at night :D

Nicolas Sarkozy won.

Tom Hiddleston has deep voice. Not as deep as Benedict Cumberbatch, but he has a typical voice, a deep one, a...sensual one.

If you talk about Jeff Goldblum to a man, he will tell you "he's a great actor", if you talk to a 30/40 years-old woman about Jeff Goldblum, you'll see some lights in her eyes telling you "Jeff is a god of sex" and men won't understand anything...(I tried)

He doen't have a face like Brad Pitt, no. But he's sooooo sensual when he moves...a mix of sweetness, strength, agility. Something very masculine that you cannot really explain but you feel it intensely. 

Marilyn Monroe is THE woman, Jeff Goldblum is THE man, and Tom Hiddleston the god of sensuality.



Tom's extreme sensuality is the reason why you watch this


And even if your eyes are telling you you're watching Loki, you know you are not. There's something wrong : he looks like Loki, but he doesn't MOVE like Tom Hiddleston.

And Tom's sensuality is the reason why I think finding a real good double to Tom is impossible


Tom's extreme sensuality is the reason why you watch this


and you doen't feel anything, but you see this


And everything inside of you just...



And Tom's sensuality can usualy be seen in his hands, reason why you can see many Tumblr pictures showing gifs of his hands and saying "this is hand porn".

And Tom's extreme sensuality is the reason why Hiddles usualy say he's the sexiest man alive.


@lokipinkrabbit /@_something2b_


much more to read here

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Published by ririe - dans tom hiddleston
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6 août 2012 1 06 /08 /août /2012 21:27

I've been sent this very interesting picture of tom's eyes, I'm sure you've already seen it :



Question : Are Tom's eyes changing, just like weather or something ?

1srt answer : well, then, his skin color is changing too girls...


"do you mean those pictures are fake ?"

Not at all, I mean that each and every camera are different. Take the same picture with 5 different cameras, you'll have 5 shades of white/green/blue or whatever.

So, this picture is first explicable by the different cameras and flashes.

And very very obviously, by the picture editing, for there ain't no professional photographer taken pictures without editing details, light and colors first.

You can very clearly see the 4th picture is very yellow, so Tom's eyes look green.



Then of course, you have the light.

Light your eyes from the right, from the left...from far, from close, you'll never get the same colors.



"But eyes can change right ?"

Hum, you know, if eyes could realy change (and sometimes they do, but not from day to day but from years to years), security agencies would never create security systems based on our eyes...◔_◔




tom hiddleston signature analysis (@twhiddleston)

tom hiddleston (@twhiddleston) : between Loki and...Dr Who

@twhiddleston quick handwriting analysis


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Published by ririe - dans tom hiddleston
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5 août 2012 7 05 /08 /août /2012 20:08

Seems like @tomsfans4life asked hiddlestoners to block me.

I don't understand why, and anyway I'm innocent.

I did not spam her ( and I did not spam anyone by the way, easy to prove, just check out my tweets...), and I did not "talk shit on her" as she said. I can prove it :



I sent @tomsfans4life the link to my blog few times  : the first time for her to read this  tom hiddleston (@twhiddleston) : between Loki and...Dr Who , and she liked it 


And I remember once I asked her to tweet a link to this article  message to you, hiddlestoners, and she did, I thanked her, that's it. I can't remember me sending her any other tweet.

I don't think I ever did anything wrong to her, and I don't appreciate her talking about me the way you told me she does.


All this is going way too far for me. I won't talk about this anymore, I did not spam anyone, I did not critisize anybody.


You all should take this easier girls.


Cheers . @_something2b_

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Published by ririe - dans tom hiddleston
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4 août 2012 6 04 /08 /août /2012 18:59

Who is tom hiddleston, inside ?


hidleston écriture grand

            Doesn't mean anything to you ?

Don't worry, i'll tell you


             If people knew everything that's shown through their handwriting, they would not write.

      Good news : Tom doesn't seem to know, so that you can find it everywhere. ^_^ ( thank you Tom)
      When I started graphology, I discovered that people do not like their life being told by looking at their writing, I have a friend who got me out it was a " mental rape ": he's not wrong.
     So I'llto try not to go too far in the analysis, while remaining very superficial, everyone will be happy.
First, his handwriting shows someone intelligent, enthusiastic and joyful, sensual, independent, positive (but not as much as he says. Interesting.), creative (but who needs others to show an harmonious direction to his work and to help him being constant in his efforts.), curious, and anxious by nature.
Needing emotional encouragement, to be surrounded, but have a need for solitude phases to focus on himself. Mental agility, he seems to be pretty easy going.
In France, we usualy say "se méfier de l'eau qui dort" : be aware of sleeping water. Well, be aware of Tom's tantrum , rare but real :D
No particular sign of jalousy (strange isn't it? hum◔_◔ )
Seems like Tom is very sensitive and very affectionate.
And very anxious. I bet he frantically eats his nails, or he used to, when he was younger
Otherwise, I would not be negative but do not expect  him to stay too long with the same girl , if you know what I mean, hum hum :D. Let's say he has, ehm, some kind of instability :D
Tom needs (realllly do need) to be needed. Being loved is great. Being needed is better to him. So, he will probably fall in love with every strong and independent woman he'll meet and try to find out how to let her know that she NEEDS him. Once he'll have what he wants, he'll probably leave. Love issues isn't it ?
Tom is your best friend, but he's not your best boyfriend :)
But he really is your best friend, the shoulder to cry on, the one you can call late at night, the one never too busy to listen, the one who really try to help. Very devoted friend.
   His handwriting shows authority, lot of will, resistance : if you bite him, he'll bite back. He is probably quite reactive / impulsive (and trying to controll that loki part of him, obviously_see direction of the writing). Vulnerability to culpability (seems like he feels guilty easily. You want to affect him, well, just let him know that he hurt you, I'm sure he won't sleep for a while__just sayin' :$)
I can say that he's closer to his mother than to his father (yes, we see these things in writing, yes)
Emotion is double-edged : Tom is very sympathetic, very sensitive, very...evertything I've already talked about, but, that's what makes Tom fragile too : if it ever happens that things go wrong : take alcohol away from him, he might be very soon to be addicted and sick.


Thanks to Tumblr, I found this.


I realised I forgot to tell you that Tom is idealistic. I don't have enough to measure it precisely, but he is. Maybe (probably) he is very.

He's searching for elevation/spirituality

Few days later : Iwas wrong. What I thought was idealism is...pride. An optimism.




And most of the time, OVERprotective means possessive too ("you belong to me, I am your god, I protect you...and if you need something, you're supposed to ask ME, not anyone else. I'm kind, attentive, if you ask someone else, you offend me."__you get it ? good. It's a kind of lake of self-confidence.)

But Tom's overprotectivity doesn't seem very massive, so it's probably very bearable, people probably don't really notice it I guess, it will show up on bad days only, he will shout "why didn't you ask ME !?!" :)



no no no, I will never tell you :)


But interesting (rroooh no, not the sexual way, the psychological way)


I read people saying Tom is too humble, that he doesn't like to talk about himself, he always talks for hours about anybody else but him. I agree, but I don't see it when he writes. So cannot speak about it right now.



 People usualy think Tom is 


When is more like


And, and that's interesting (to me I mean), Tom doesn't FEEL more than anybody else. He just SHOWS/expresses himself more (about feelings he really has, I'm not saying he's lying or something).


Oh! Important ! I'm quite sure Tom is 




So if you cross his lines, you won't know it, he won't tell you anything, but inside, he's...


And one day, he will explode and probably won't talk to you for...hum, a long, very long time. Why ? Because he thinks he's been veeery patient with you  and he thinks you abused his patience, and he deduces you're a bad person. So he doesn't wanna have anything to you anymore. Communication issues : What's relevant to you, most of the time, is not relevant to others. Because we all are unique. So, don't act/think the same as Tom :)


I see ability to lie/manipulate but not the WILL to do so : Tom doesn't seem to be a liar. He can get what he wants from you using diplomacy, but using lie to fool you is not his thing (anyway, according to what I see in his behavior, not his handwriting, Tom is a poor liar : his body sometimes shows off his thoughts)


And his handwriting shows an ambitious man. And ambition is a mix of 2 things : ego, and fear of death. Tom doesn't want to disappear, he wants to leave a trace, he wants to...impress his father (according to his signature).

Seems like the most important part of Tom's life is to be loved/approved by his father (that's his Loki part :D). More or less consciously, everything he does is about Daddy saying "you were right/you are MY son".




Speculations :

_Tom's autority will grow with age. For the obvious reasons : the more he works, the less he has time, so when he wants/needs something, he wants/needs it now. "Please" wil slowly disappear and become an order (and "Thank You" will disapear few years later). Plus : he'll get used to give orders and to be obeyed.

Right now, everything is new, and everything is what he ever dreamt of : hotel, celebrity, people screaming his name...everything's just wonderfull in Wonderland. But he won't be "new" for ever. Will be interesting to read him in few years. Won't be surprised if we suddently read papers saying he's having big shouting fight with anyone, specialy if problems with girlfriend (if you ever read that he's having love issues, run away, and, as I already wrote it, if problems with girlfriend, make sure he's not...drinking.)

_I'm Totally (100%, completly, without any kind of doubt) sure he's getting tired of being called "Loki". Tom is ambicious. Tom signs his whole personal and entire name (he could sign as many others, some kind of fast drawing or anything), as I already explained : it's an affirmation: he's writting who he is, he is Tom Hiddleston. Not Loki. So, may I suggest you, if you meet him, if you want him to appreciate you : don't talk about Loki anymore.

It's very natural you know, even your fav food, if you eat it everyday, one day, you'll get sick of it. Too much is too much.


Tom's signature analysis here


@lokipinkrabbit // @superpinkrabbit


Oh, and remember : I'm not a pro, I make mistakes :) (but a real french pro read and said I'm good, so... :D :$)

few days later
I'm very glad to see that post's that popular.
I received many questions about writings in general and Tom's writings in particular : I cannot analyse all of your writings guys, this is hours of work :)
And You asked few things about Tom : remember I never met him, I don't know him, and even if I'm quite sure of what I'm writing , I might be wrong you know ! :D ( at least about few things I mean;) )
So, you asked :
Is he romantic ?
Tom hiddleston is a gazelle : in love, he's running very very fast, but not very long. I'd be very surprised if he ever stay with a girl more than 7 years. This will probably change when he's on his 50's.
When I say "he's a gazelle", i mean that, he's romantic, and attentive, and tender, and tactile : yes, just as you dream he is, well, he is :D
But those very intense feelings he truly feels, they don't last forever. So, he's not running for a long time.
A gazelle.
Is he gay ?
Euhm, no, seems like not, no.
Not sexualy.
but emotionaly, he can have very very strong feelings for a man
He's perfect....
euhm, no, not according to me : lake of emotional stability, seems like his heart goes boom and his mind refrains, this duality causes some kind of emotional disharmony (but I need a little more writing to analyse this very clearly and take measure of anger and agressivity that I see traces of in that very small piece of writing :p) 
Can you send me his whole writing analysis ?
nop. First, I never wrote it anywhere else but here, then I'll have to write it in english, and it's not that easy, and Tom never allowed me to analyse his life through his writings, I think I've done enough you know :) I'm totaly certain he wouldn't like a perfect stranger to know about his privacy that much (believe me, he wouldn't like it). So no, I won't send anything to anyone.And as I've already explained : I'm not God, I'm certainly wrong about few things.
Can you tell us about his father ?
Euhm no, this is exactly the kind of things I won't talk about :D. His privacy you know. but NO !! HE DOEN't HATE HIS FATHER !! I see any things but nothing like hate inside of Tom. No shadow on the sun ;)
Can you tell us how he feels about his sisters?
euhm no :D writings doesn't tell me how he feels about his neighboors either :D, this is not divination, so no, I can't tell you what I truly don't know :)
If I write to him, will he respond ?
Euh...did I tell you I'm not God ? :D
I'm sure he realy wants to read every letter he receives, just like he'd adore to read every tweet, pleasing us is one of his priority ( no, not according to his writing, according to his behavior :D) : HE CANNOT.
So, write to him, he may read it, but about him aswering, you know, he's just like us : his days are 24H long
Did he ever write to you ?
nop, the "letter" you see here was found on the internet : I never wrote to him, he doesn't know I exist :)
Does he like to be "the sexiest man alive" ?
I cannot remember who asked me this, but I am absolutly certain he's not that much about that thing. I watched many videos of him talking about that, believe me, he loves us fangirling, but being "sexy" is nothing he cares about. I wrote about it here
Guys, remember I just did this for fun, nothing very serious and I don't have any kind of ultimate truth about Tom : we've never met and we never will.
I've been Loki'd just like most of you, I wrote this because there's lot to see in his videos, that's it. He's not even my fav' actor you know :D ! ( my favs are Liam Neeson & Edward Norton)
I did this about Tom just like I did it about christophe Barbier before (a very  very famous french journalist, he read it , send me an autograph and he's following me on twitter now, adorable isn't it ?). It's just fun while I do not sleep. Still, I'd be very glad if you could send me pictures of your autographs/writing via Twitter ( @_something2b_), his signature is...very very interesting :)
Anyway, don't take this too seriously.
Have a marvellous life people !
follow me ! @lokipinkrabbit @_something2b_
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Published by ririe - dans tom hiddleston
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2 août 2012 4 02 /08 /août /2012 20:06

I've been told that many of you, hiddlestoners, are taking screenshots of my Tom's writing analysis.

So I made few  Google researches, and it appears that it's true, some of you are taking sceenshots of my posts, and I cannot stop you from doing that very funny thing




This one just copied everything i wrote and changed pictures...





Some of you even translate the whole article in chineese !!! 




Girls, I just want you to know that it's ok :)

But you'll get tired it before I do, for I'm changing few things almost everyday, so... :D

But please, when you do so, just add a link to the real article, like this you know :



Thank you :)

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Published by ririe - dans tom hiddleston
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2 août 2012 4 02 /08 /août /2012 02:21

I wanna thank @_maybe_maybe_ for she asked me the most interesting question a Tom fan asked me, I mean it.




Well yes, I do know, it's just so obvious that I forgot to write about it girl ! :D


So, why does he laughs "eheh", well because he's trying to refrain !

Ah God, yes, it's that simple, yes.

I'm absolutly certain you can find out many videos where he started laughing "ahah" for a second and then it becomes "eheh" in the end.

Videos that I just can't find for you, as you know I never listen to him, I just watch :)

Do your research, find a video where he's nervous (moving a lot on his chair), and i'm quite sure you'll find out what you're searching for :)



cheers girls !!



Few minutes later 



You're right girl :writing things without showing them is just not right :)

so, thanks to _maybe_maybe_, I can show you videos to prove i'm right, but first af all, i'd like all of you to look at this one, for here is something i've never seeen/heard before, in this video, he's refraining so much that he laughs with..no sound at all !!

This is quite unique I can tell !

And then, he's hiding his face on his hand, mix of shame_shyness_way to stop laughing (pretty cute)

Look and this time, listen too ^_^

from 1"17 to 1"40 

Refraining from laughing is just very very natural, we all do so : think about it , what do you do when you laugh ?
Your face suddenly becomes as red as a tomatoe, you try to hide behind your hands...yeah yeah : you are ashamed.
But why?
Because laughings shakes your whole body with spasms, because...well just because you're losing control among yourself.
Laugh is a very strong emotion that takes control of you, despite your own will
Look at a baby when he's laughing : he's not hiding : these things come up with ages.
You become aware of yourself, of how you're supposed to act or not, you...take control of your body.
But laughing his something that takes control of you. So, very instanctly : you refrain, you try to stop. as you cannot do it instantly, you hide your face in an ashamed behavior.
His way to refrain is to laugh "eh eh". But sometimes, before he can take control back, you can hear "ah ah" cause we all laugh "ah ah", "eh eh" is not natural.
Thanks to _maybe_maybe_, I can illustrate my words with videos :)
So,  at 4"19 

 at 4"44



I'm sure we could find out many many video, but that wouldn't be more releaving I think, so ...


I'm sure many of you noticed that, most of the time, he's not trying to hide when he laughs (did you?)


As I explained, most of us are hiding while laughing, but some of us just don't : they assume they're laughing, they don't care about what you think, they just express themselves :this is self-confidence.

Tom almost never try to hide how he feels, reason why people adore him, emotions are catching. He refrains a little from laughing out loud, this is just education :)



MESSAGE TO YOU, HIDDLESTONERS :  message to you, hiddlestoners

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Published by ririe - dans tom hiddleston
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31 juillet 2012 2 31 /07 /juillet /2012 22:34

Signature is the most important thing you can possibly write : it shows more about you than a whole letter.

Tom's signature is very very releaving, so I'll try not too analyse it too deep. But at the very first second I saw Tom's autograph, I knew about familly problems, the most important question was : is Hiddleston the name of his father or his mother. Then I saw his writing, I knew the problem was his father.

Until yesterday, I would have told you, those problems are, emotionally, not solved. Good news : it's about to :)


What are we talking about? 

Well, we're talking about this : I've found out many many autographs, most of the time, they look just like this ( no, don"t look at Tom, look at his signature  ! :D)




"So what ?"

First, and it's releaving : he's writing his whole name. And his name is long, and he has no time. But still , he takes the time to write it, from T to N :D = affirmation, authenticity, responsability

When signing his whole name, Tom is saying you : I am tom Hiddleston, I assume what/who I am, I don't hide, I take the time to make things what they're supposed to be, I take the time to explain myself very clearly, to make things clear.

He's telling you that his familly's important to him too ( he takes the time to write hiddleston), you can clearly see that, he likes Tom, Tom's writen very clearly, with a beautiful O showing you affection, Tom's got no problem at all with himself.

Not the same with "Hiddleston" as you can see. In my own words, I usualy say "il massacre son nom" : the way he writes "Hiddleston" is something like butchery : unreadable, leaning to the left...

Look at the first D, it shows you all the anger and pain (with a little trace of aggressivity telling you very clearly : I will fight back)   that you're not supposed to know about, that first d is exactly where Loki's hidding ;) 

He (tries) writes "ddles" : not very runny, what you think ? hum...complicated 

Then "ston" : just a line, no O. 

His signature is telling you his story and, that's the most important, how he lived it : no hate for his father (he would not write Hiddleston at all, or he would have striped it once or several times), Tom is an Hiddleston, he's not ashamed, but he...disagree with few things :D and the end of his signature is telling you "i'm searching for ways and issues about this problem, this problem is real but won't stop me in my personnal evolution"

Tom's signature shows a butterfly in his coccon : transformation process in progress.



Question : how will he solve this, and when ?

Well, seems like I have a clue, look :










"I don't see anything, it's butchery !"

:D yes, but there's a little something, very very interesting for he did it twice the same day, look :



The end of his name is considerably elevated relative to the rest of his signature.

He would have done it only once, that would not be very significative, but twice the same day's very interesting.


Tom's telling us (and his father) : I'm above this. I won't let that interfer with my life now : it's over and done, I elevate myself, I'm above this.


This autographs is particular, look :


  No hiddleston, just Tom : when he's writing to someone, he's not signing with his whole name, just Tom : intimacy, nothing official, just real feelings : he's affected, this is personnal, nothing to do with who he is as an actor/son/brother , just Tom


And this...


...is almost an insult. Don't let him "sign" to you anaything this way :)


Tom's behavior and writing analysis here :  tom hiddleston : between Loki and...Dr Who

MESSAGE TO YOU, HIDDLESTONERS :  message to you, hiddlestoners

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Published by ririe - dans tom hiddleston
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24 juillet 2012 2 24 /07 /juillet /2012 03:39

First, I want to apologize in advance for my English is not perfect: it is because I am French, you see :)


I'm sorry to break the hearts of millions of fans for whom Tom Hiddleston = Loki, but, and this is reassuring somewhere, Tom Hiddleston is a nearly perfect  emotional replica of Dr Who.

However, sleep in peace, there are also a Loki sleeping inside of Tom (yes, I swear)

I heard I can not remember who explained that Sherlock Holmes and Dr Who are,emotionally, as opposed as possible to be: one represses and denies any sense, the other is a permanent chronic lover. Tom Hiddleston is a great  permanent chronic lover (in psychology, we say, has no pejorative connotation, he is a pleasure seeker)


Dr Who

      Tom Hiddleston is a enchanter. In the strict sence of the term : he's enchanting us with a very powerfull spell : emotions.

but he doesn't know it.


I understood it while watching Tom's interviews on youtube, I was watching then I suddenly I realized that I've been watching him over 3 hours !

Finding the hypnotic side of the man of the most interesting, I did what I do in these cases: I turned off the sound (there's no more misleading than words), and I looked, just looked .

And I saw Dr Who.

For those who watch the show, you may have noticed, especially during the David Tennant period,  That Dr Who is a being of light and fancisul, a poet, inclined to rejoice at everything right away, ready for anything and everything, and reluctant to forgive.

Tom is a being of light and quite fanciful, in the sense that his whole body conveys positive emotions: if you turn off the sound, you see him laughing and smiling and waving to illustrate his words. I would say, in this sense, that he is "solar".

And it is very important, since this is the ultimate explanation of the wave of fanaticism he generates: when you see someone smiling, by imitation, you smile back. When you hear someone laughing, your first reaction is to laugh ... Our whole being is made thus: a baby smiles to those who smile at him, he cries if he hear another baby cry.

A smile, it is not just a mouth, it is also the eyes, and Tom smiled his whole face, it does not grimace, he smiles and laughs. By imitation, when you see him doing so, you do the same.

The smile and laughter have a direct impact on our heart rate and mood: You watch interviews with Tom, you smile with him, you laugh with him, your heart rate changes, your heart beats faster, and this is how he bewitches us, unintentionally, by the way.

illustration: Look at his eyes


"they are blue, so what?"

So that :  he has dilated pupils. Despite the light.

"euhm ? you're sure" 

heum yes : this is how his eyes are supposed to look like (and actually look like), with light in his face :


You see it now ? good :)


Formerly, to look more beautiful, women dilated their pupils, rubbing their eyes with belladonna (it was a bloodbath, as the Belladonna secretes poison)

The eyes are indeed the mirror of the soul, a pupil that dilates shows emotion, it is not controllable, it is not debatable. And he's showing the sincerity of his immortalized emotion, smiling frankly, exposing you  two beautiful dilated pupils , what your eyes perceive very well and translate right away with a feeling of sympathy which can eventually lead to a blissful smile in return (and you know how fine you felt  watching this picture, actually I know that most of you stupidly smiled at the screen :D)

And in addition to this, his left eye (our right then) is larger than the right one in this picture, yet it is the left side of a face that reflects feelings (the right eye shows attention, intellect).

We all watched this picture with our left eye, left eye instinctively looks left eye of our interlocutor (which is right on the picture, you follow?: D)

And our left eye saw the Tom's pupils well dilated, it concluded that the smile was real and the that emotion is not feigned, the pleasure of Tom in this picture is real.



      The first time I saw this vidéo, I even wondered if he was under drugs or something, look at those pupils ! DESPITE THE LIGHT (light is an aggression to eyes, in response, pupils contract). And he's showing the journalist the left side of his face as much as possible, you see ? the journalist's on his right, the camera's on his left, people behind are walking from the right to the left : logically, he should turn to the direction of the travel, his initial walk by the way, he should watch away and show us the right side of his face but he's not, he's facing the journalist and he's "watching him with his left eye", you see ? It's all about emotions. 1: he knwos the journalist, 2: he appreciates him, 3: he's realy happy to meet him here

The next video is very interesting too : the journalist is facing both Tom and Jamie but all along the video, Jamie's showing us the right side of her face, while you can only see Tom's left side : yet, according to the position of the camera, we should have seen Jamie's left side better than the other one.
Jamie's studying herself, she's caring about being as perfect as possible, she's a little nervous, so she's not emotionnaly charming us. But Tom does. He doesn't care about being perfect, he's just enjoying to be here.




 Another concrete and speaking example : as almost everyone, I look Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom, I meditate on which I like best.

Unable to decide between them both, I found interviews of them together, I turn off the sound, not to be disturb by the very deep voice of Ben or Tom's laugh.

What I see: Benedict, very classy, ​​very beautiful, very everything, and Tom, more relaxed, more ...emotionally involved.

Tom, when he speaks, completely comes alive, her whole face lights up, his body is living what he says, and even when Benedict speaks, Tom turns to look at him talking. And because it is an unusual and uncomfortable position, while Ben speaks, instinctively, your eyes are drawn to Tom. Benedict also listen carefully to Tom, but just like 90% of the population would do in his place: rather than turning to tom he stares at the ground.

I recommend very strongly that interview , turn off the sound and look, what stands out when viewed? Benedict is straight, very nice and well educated, and Tom moves all the time, smiles more frankly, laughs more openly: he is more alive, warmer, more lively and therefore more sympathetic.

And we do not take our eyes off of him because, meanwhile, there is always something to watch: he's moving

Benedict, well mannered, well polished, more withdrawn, much less move, even when he talks.

Look closely at the 4th minute: Tom speaks, you look and move while Ben, has nothing to show, he listens, looking at the ground: nothing happens on his side that can catch your attention.


And this is all very friendly and all this shows that our Tom is passionate and  anxious.

And yes, all these emotions he reveals by his whole body, it is also and above all a form of anxiety and inner turmoil: the words are not enough, so I gesticulate, I try to make myself understood or to convince you, therefore, I support my statements by gestures.

And gestures, they are faster than words : words need to be organised, chosen. Gestures are harder to control while you think about your words.


 And finally, to emotionally "hypnotise" you, our dear Tom has more than one good technique: the first, and it is very effective: his mouth

Yes, his mouth.

Watch any video, turn off the sound and see for yourself that he never ceases to lick the lips, which is, say it politely, an unequivocal sensual sign( heum heum).

Imagine, ladies, he looks at you, licking his lips in this way, what do you think?

Yes, it's very subjective, sexually, those mouth moves ...


Thus, if you interrupt him, he swallows the words he was about to speak, and thus its appetite for explanations, by swallowing his upper lip, and he so does he, almost all the time.

You ask him a question, the first reflex while starting thinking ? swallowing his lower lip.

In short: Tom Hiddleston unleashes good mood  in our heart with her ​​honest smile and his laugh, and does panic your hormones with his mimicry of mouth, that your subconscious perceives as very sensual invitations :D


Just like when he passes his hand over his neck and his upper torso...yes, it's nervous...but it is mostly terribly subjective. So, when Tom is nervous ... he caresses his neck, with his right hand, he enters his shirt ... (yes, I know, it's sexual stuff, actually yes. But it is unconscious.)



Concretly : turn off the sound and look at that  ...heum...now let's think that he's talking to you, tell me, what is he talking about, from 1"15 to 1"24, looking at you in the eyes, smiling at you this way, quickly bitting his lower lip, with his hand here ? hum ?

Yes, i know, this is not very descent...And there you have one wish, swallowing him (in a manner of speaking, obviously).

When he's nervous, Tom's searching for physical solace.
Tom is very tactile, he needs to touch people around him, if there's no one around, well, he touches himself (rrroh no, not in a sexual way grr), Tom is a cat rubbing around your legs :D
Basically: he has a very sensual way to externalize his pleasure and nervousness (smiling a lot and laughing a lot, it's nervous you see), and it speaks to our unconscious and unleashes the crowds.
Another way to look very nice: give a reassuring impression of frankness, and therefore, support his claim with gestures, sitting legs wide apart to give a feeling of relaxation.
 Now if you want to break the spell : stop watching him  good luck !

Finally, one might get the idea of ​​a large expansive extrovert: make no mistake about it : what makes Tom that nervous are the personnal questions, thing I discovered when turning the sound on :I wondered why he was running his hand through his hair: the man was asking him questions about himself, and that, he does not like, it makes him nervous and much less expansive.
Which brings us to a little less luminous and less visible Tom: let's talk about his "Loki" side ^^



this is when people wonder, all amazed, how can such an "adorable" and "solar" man be Loki ?

Depends on which Loki we're talking about : Thor's one or The Avengers' one? Cause Thor's one is not that far from Tom you know.


Our adorable smiling Teddy Bear clearly has a dark side : this is an English straight from the theater, and theater in England, it doen't mean Molière, it means Shakespeare: conspiracy, murder and blood.

And our  Tom has a taste for power: Kennedy, Loki, Henry V, Captain Nichols, Captain Jack Randles ... As the song states "everybody wants to rule the world" (tears for fears) and i'm quite sure he's  interested in politic ( but right now, i cannot prove it, it's just my opinion  )

Baby Tom likes to be the bad guys, or the tormented-complicated one. He's never just the happy one, the funny one smilling and having fun with wife and children.


"So what?"

 So that : 

 Even the best actors in the world, and Tom himself admits it, to play a role, as far from him as it is, had to find inside himself a basis for interpretation.


 Tom gave Loki his own ground.


_Loki's got a real problem with his parents : all his life long, he's been told how to hate Frost Giants , namely : how to hate himself. Then he learnt he's been adopted : treatery, lie, pain.

Tom has problem with his parents too : when he was 13, they divorced. Children usualy feel guilty, betrayed and insecure when their parents get separated. No reason to think Tom's an exeption. 

Loki : treatery, lie, pain ; Tom : guilty, betrayed, insecure = similar feelings.

So yes, such a very joyful man can embody Loki. 

Being Loki in Thor was easier than being Loki in Avengers, they're not the same person : the first one is suffering, the other one is hating : I'm sure being Loki in Avengers was a real chalenge, hate is harder to find inside of Tom than pain.

_Tom gave Loki his own personnal pleasure that I mentioned above: Loki loves to the extreme to win, to rule on anything (when it asks humans to kneel , when his army arrives and he puts on his God clothes on Stark tower), look at his face : it's a very physical enjoyment.

This ecstasy that you see on the face of Loki is also the face of Tom (substantially in the same circumstances: Loki when he finally reaches his goals, Tom when he's giving international-superstar interviews, and therefore, when he reaches his own personal goal)

One might tell me : Loki's motivations are different than Tom's ones : if the means of achieving these ends are different (thanx the Lord :D), one of the main motivation is the same: to be loved .


_Loki's a magician. He's the God Of Mischief : he's not the Devil. 

A Magician is a kind of poet, in his own way, and a magician is an artist. Most of the time, magicians are very sensitive persons, dreamers. 

Actors are magicians too : they make you believe in things that are not, they are "liars" telling us storys, hiding behind characters.


I was watching videos with no sound (as asual, I don't know what he's talking about, I turn the sound off, always) , I saw shame on his face (he was hiding his face in his right hand), I've been very very surprised, so I Listened : he was talking about Loki ! His whole face was saying  "Oh Loki, look at what you've done" :D

tom shame

Taken from this video, now TURN OFF THE SOUND and tell me, what do you see at 7"18 ?

Sadness !! And what is tom talking about ? Loki getting "darker and darker"



He loves Loki and he was affraid that people may not love him anymore after seeing Avengers. He's talking a lot about compation to Loki, actualy, he realy loves him, "compation" in tom's mouth sounds more like "affection" to me.


Why don't we hate Loki ?

First time I saw Avengers, I've never seen Thor or Captain America : i've just never heard about Loki. So I just saw him destroying New-york, and I laughed a lot, and i...liked him. I've seen the movie alone, there were no friends with me to tell me who Loki was, but we were many many people so I just listenned to people around.

80% of you were talking about Loki. 

But with real love.

I found that very very strange and disturbing : he killed people, he's a bad guy. But just like you, even if I've never heard of him, i adored him.

I started to think. I came back and watched Avengers a second time. I felt the same, and people around were just so in love with Loki. but I've watched him very carefully this time and I noticed few things : however bad Loki seemed to be, something in his face was telling us there were open doors for redemption : he's not just a villain, not just a bad guy. That little something you cannot realy say about is : his eyes. 

Blue, yes, I know :D

Anger and hate are strange kind of emotions, they lock you inside of yourself, they are real strong feelings, but they don't dilate pupills like love, they...constrict pupills. Anger and hate are a respond to an external aggression. Pain, on the contrary, dilates our pupills, just like love : you've diggest anger, you show that you've been affected. 

Loki's got very dilated pupills : his face is showing you anger but his eyes are talking to your heart : they show you pain.

Loki talks to Hawkeyes, he's not hating him, look at his pupils : dilated

Loki's talking to the Shitory, he's...almost crying : dilated pupils

Talking to black Widow with pupils so dilated that you could almost think he's got black eyes ! :D

Thor shows him destruction all around and : Loki's sorry.

During all of this, if Loki had constricted pupills, we would not feel the same about him, dilated pupills touch our hearts, you eyes see anger & destruction, but your heart feels empathy for pain.
Subtil but essential.
You're not sure ? well, let's test that : look at Loki right here, his face shows anger, you see it ?

   Anger, yes, i agree, but now, same picture, only the eyes : do you see anger, rage, hate ?


no, you see pain.


looks like anger



but does not feel the same way



But how's anger supposed to look like ?

Well, more like this




            you don't feel like talking to those men do you ?  :D

Now take a look at them both very closely : anger is watching with the right eye. Anger is showing the right side of our face, when you're angry, you're watching at everyone around with you're right eye, but Loki's always watching us with the left one : Loki is whispering us about pain, not about anger/hate.

Things your may never heard about those things, but your heart does understand this very well.



I've noticed that Tom receives 3 tweets/minutes. 180 tweets/hour. 4320 tweets each day. When he's not tweeting. This can be multiplied by 10 when he does tweet (most of the time, he tweets 3/4 times a day)

Sorry to tell you girls, you'll win the lotery before he even just read your tweet, however you would spam him. And chances that he responds to you are just... well no, they just are not :D

Actualy, your only chance for him just to read your tweet is to be RT by someone he follows.



Link to Tom's signature analysis : tom hiddleston signature analysis (@twhiddleston)  

link to tom's handwriting analysis : @twhiddleston quick handwriting analysis  

Other articles about Tom :  http://ririe-princesse.over-blog.fr/categorie-12462104.html 

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Je suis désolée de briser le coeur de millions de fans pour qui Tom hiddleston = Loki, mais, et c'est plutôt rassurant quelque part, Tom Hiddleston est une réplique émotionnelle presque parfaite de Dr Who.

Cela dit, dormez tranquilles, il y'a aussi du Loki chez ce bon Tom (si si, je vous jure)

J'ai entendu je ne sais plus qui expliquer que Sherlock Holmes et Dr Who sont aussi opposés émotionnellement qu'il est possible de l'être : l'un réprime et nie tout sentiment, l'autre est un amoureux permanent chronique. Tom Hiddleston est un grand amoureux permanent chronique (en psychologie, on dira, sans connotation péjorative, que c'est un jouisseur ou un profiteur)


Dr Who

Pour ceux qui regardent la série, vous aurez sans doute remarqué, surtout pour la période David Tennant, que le Dr est un être lumineux et fantasque, enclin à se réjouir de tout tout de suite, partant pour tout et n'importe quoi, et ne pardonnant pas facilement l'erreur.

Et bien je regardais les vidéos d'interviews de tom, et j'ai commencé à me demander qui était cet homme souriant et joyeux, et puis j'ai réaliser que je le regardais depuis plus de 3h ! 

Trouvant le côté hypnotique du bonhomme des plus intéressant, j'ai fait ce que je fais dans ces cas là : j'ai coupé le son (y'a pas plus trompeurs que les mots), et je l'ai regardé, juste regardé.

Et j'ai vu Dr Who.

Tom est un être lumineux et fantasque, dans le sens où tout son corps véhicule des émotions positives : si vous coupez le son, vous le voyez rire et sourire et s'agiter pour illustrer ses dires. Je dirais, dans ce sens, qu'il est "solaire".

Et c'est trés important, vu que c'est là l'explication par excellence de la vague de fanatisme qu'il suscite : quand vous voyez quelqu'un sourire, par mimétisme, vous souriez. Quand vous entendez quelqu'un rire, première réaction : vous riez...Tout notre être est fait ainsi : un bébé sourit à celui qui lui sourit, il pleure s'il entends un autre bébé pleurer.

Un sourire, ce n'est as seulement la bouche, c'est aussi les yeux, et Tom sourit de tout son visage, il ne grimace pas, il  sourit et il rit. Par mimétisme, quand on le regarde, on en fait autant.

Le sourire et le rire ont une incidence directe sur notre rythme cardiaque et notre humeur : Vous regardez les interviews de Tom, vous souriez avec lui, vous riez avec lui, votre rythme cardiaque change, votre coeur bat plus vite , et voilà comment il vous ensorcelle l'air de rien et sans le vouloir d'ailleurs.

illustration : regardez bien ses yeux


"oui et alors?" 

Et alors il a les pupilles dilatées.

Autrefois, plus sembler plus belles, les femmes se dilataient les pupilles en se frottant les yeux à la Belladone (ce fût une hécatombe, vu que la Belladone sécrète du poison)

Les yeux sont effectivement le miroir de l'âme, une pupille qui se dilate montre une émotion, ce n'est pas contrôlable, ce n'est pas discutable. Et lui vous montre la sincérité de son émotion immortalisée en souriant bien franchement et en vous exposant 2 belles pupilles bien dilatées, ce que vos yeux perçoivent très bien et traduisent tout de suite par un sentiment de sympathie qui peut éventuellement se traduire par un sourire béat en retour (et vous savez que vous avez ressenti du plaisir à regarder cette image, voire même que vous avez effectivement sourit bêtement à votre écran)

Et pour en rajouter, son oeil gauche (à notre droite donc) est plus grand que le droit sur cette image, parce qu'il vous tends le côté gauche de son visage, or c'est le côté gauche d'un visage qui reflète les sentiments ( l'oeil droit montre l'attention, l'intellect).

Nous avons tous regardé cette photo avec notre oeil gauche, l'oeil gauche regarde instinctivement l'oeil gauche de notre interlocuteur (qui se trouve à droite sur l'image, vous suivez ? :D)

Et notre oeil gauche a vu la pupille bien dilatée de Tom, il en a déduit que le sourire était réel et franc, l'émotion n'est pas feinte, le plaisir de Tom sur cette image est réel.


 Autre exemple concret et parlant, comme tout le monde ou presque, je regarde Benedict Cumberbatch et Tom, je médite sur lequel j'aime le mieux.

Ne pouvant les départager, je trouve des interviews d'eux ensemble, je suis ravie, je coupe le son, histoire de ne pas me faire avoir par la voix grave de l'un et le rire de l'autre.

Qu'est-ce que je vois : Benedict, très classe, très beau, très tout, et Tom, plus décontracté, plus...émotionnellement impliqué .

Tom, lorsqu'il parle, s'anime complètement, tout son corps vit ce qu'il dit, et même lorsque Benedict parle, Tom se tourne tout à fait vers lui pour le regarder parler. Comme c'est là une posture inconfortable et inhabituelle, pendant que Ben parle, d'instinct, votre regard est attiré par Tom. benedict lui aussi écoute Tom attentivement, mais, il va faire comme 90% de la population ferait à sa place : plutôt que de se tourner, il fixe le sol.

Je recommande très vivement cette interview à tous, coupez le son et regardez, qu'est-ce qui ressort lorsqu'on les regarde ? un Benedict bien droit, bien sympathique et bien éduqué, et un  Tom qui bouge tout le temps, sourit plus franchement, rigole plus ouvertement : il est plus vivant, plus chaleureux, plus animé et donc, plus sympathique.

Et on ne le quitte pas des yeux parce que, de son côté, il y'a toujours quelque chose à regarder : il bouge.

Benedict, bien élevé, bien poli, plus renfermé, bouge nettement moins, notamment lorsqu'il parle.

Regardez bien, vers la 4ème minute : tom parle, vous le regardez puisqu'il bouge et que Ben, bien sage, n'a rien à montrer, il l'écoute en regardant le sol : il ne se passe rien de son côté qui puisse attirer votre attention.

Et tout cela est bien sympathique et tout cela montre que notre Tom est un grand passionné anxieux.

Et oui, toutes ces émotions qu'il fait ressortir par tout son corps, c'est aussi et surtout une forme d'anxiété et de bouillonnement intérieur : les mots ne suffisent pas, donc je gesticule, je cherche à bien me faire comprendre ou à vous convaincre, donc, j'appuie mes dires par des gestes.


Et pour finir de vous mettre dans sa poche émotionnellement, ce bon Tom a plus d'une bonne technique : la première, et elle est très efficace : sa bouche

Et oui, sa bouche.

Regardez n'importe quelle vidéo, coupez le son et voyez par vous-même qu'il n'a de cesse de se lècher les lèvres, ce qui est, disons-le poliment, un signe charnel sans équivoque. Imaginez, mesdames, qu'il vous regarde en se lèchant les lèvres de cette façon, vous en pensez quoi ?

Oui, c'est très subjectif, sexuellement, une bouche que l'on se lèche...

Ainsi, si on lui coupe la parole, il ravale les mots qu'il allait prononcer, et donc son appétit d'explications, en s'avalant la lèvre supérieure, et il le fait presque tout le temps.

Vous lui posez une question, premier reflexe de réfléction : se mordre la lèvre inférieure.

Bref : Tom hiddleston déchaîne les foules parce qu'il affole votre coeur avec son sourire franc et vos hormones avec ses mimiques de bouche, que votre inconscient perçoit très bien :D

Un peu comme lorsqu'il passe sa main sur son cou ou le haut de son torse , oui, c'est nerveux, mais c'est surtout terriblement subjectif : quand ce Mr est nerveux, il...se caresse le cou, avec sa main droite, il entre dans sa chemise... (oui, je sais, c'est sexuel tout ça, en fait : oui. Mais c'est inconscient.)

Coupez le son et regardez-moi ça un petit peu...


Et là, vous n'avez qu'une envie, vous jeter dessus et l'avaler.

En gros : il a une façon très charnelle d'extérioriser son plaisir et sa nervosité (sourire beaucoup et rire beaucoup, c'est aussi nerveux voyez-vous), et cela parle à notre inconscient et déchaîne les foules.


Autre façon de paraître bien sympathique : donner une impression rassurante de franchise, et donc, appuyer ses dires avec des gestes, s'asseoir jambes bien écartées pour donner un ressenti de décontraction.



Finallement, on pourrait avoir l'idée d'un grand expansif extraverti : ne vous y trompez pas, ce qui rends Tom nerveux, ce sont les questions personnelles, ce que j'ai découvert un remettant le son, je me demandais pourquoi tout à coup il se passait la main dans les cheveux, se tripotait partout : on lui posait des questions sur lui-même, et ça, bien poliment mais quand même, il n'aime pas, ça le rend nerveux et nettement moins expansif.

Ce qui nous amène à une partie moins lumineuse et moins visible de ce brave Tom : son petit côté "Loki"



 Et donc, les gens de s'étonner tout ébahis qu'un gars aussi "adorable" et "solaire" puisse finir en Loki.

Oui, mais le hasard n'a pas été si hasardeux, en fait.

Notre adorable peluche souriante a quand même un dark side évident : voilà un anglais venu tout droit du théatre, et le théatre en angleterre, ce n'est pas Molière, c'est Shakespeare : conspirations, meurtres et sang.

Et notre bon Tom a un goût certain pour les rôles de pouvoir : Kennedy, Loki, Henry V, captain Nichols, captain Jack randles...vous l'avez déjà vu jouer dans un rôle marrant, loufoque, drôle, ou même juste jouer le gentil :D ?

Nan, l'enfant Tom, tout sourire, aime les mauvais rôles, les rôles compliqués qui lui font plisser le front.

"et alors?"

Et alors, même le meilleur acteur du monde, et Tom lui-même l'admet, pour jouer un rôle, aussi loin de lui soit-il, doit trouver en lui-même une base pour l'interpréter.

Et c'est ainsi qu'il a donner à Loki son plaisir charnel bien visible dont je vous parlais plus haut : Loki aime à l'extase l'idée de reignier sur quoi que ce soit (quand il demande aux humains de s'agenouiller, quand son armée arrive et qu'il se pare de ses beaux habits de dieu sur la tour Stark). Cette extase que vous voyez sur le visage de Loki existe aussi sur le visage de Tom (sensiblement dans les mêmes circonstances : Loki quand il arrive enfin à ses fins, Tom quand il fait des interviews en mode superstar internationale, et que donc, il est parvenu à ses fins à lui)

vous me direz : les motivations de l'un ne sont pas celle de l'autre : si, les moyens de parvenir à ces fins sont différentes (dieu merci :D), mais l'une des motivations principale est la même : être aimé.


En outre, Loki, à la base, est the God Of Mischief : le dieu de la malice. Ce n'est pas Satan.

C'est quelqu'un qui aime les farces (bonnes ou pas), les costumes, les tours de magie, les déguisement, la tromperie, et qui, avec son intelligence, arrive à tromper les gens, à les amener là où il veut, à les inciter à faire ce qu'ils ne feraient pas (voir Thor où on dit de Loki qu'il a une langue de serpent)...Et notre Tom, qui est acteur quand même ( si vous voyez le goût qu'il faut pour les costumes, déguisement et autre), aime les blagues, les imitations, tout ça, tout ça : il est intelligent et farceur, et donc, malicieux, par définition.

En outre, être acteur, c'est être manipulateur (toute proportion gardée biensûr) : pour les besoins de la caméra, il faut faire croire aux gens que l'on est qui l'on n'est pas, il faut faire croire à une histoire qui n'est pas, il faut leur transmettre un point de vue.


Et pour finir, Loki a un grave problème affectif lié à ses parents. Eh bien Tom aussi.

Loki aime désespérément des parents qui lui ont appris toute sa vie à haïr les Géants du Froid, c'est à dire à se haïr lui-même.

Tom, lui, a vu ses parents divorcer dans son adolescence, avec toutes les conséquences émotionnelles et affectives que ces choses peuvent avoir sur quelqu'un de très sensible et entouré essentiellement par des femmes (sa mère et ses 2 soeurs, donc).

D'où le fait qu'il ait tout de suite compris la souffrance, l'impuissance, la frustration de Loki face à ses parents : pour interpréter le Loki de Thor, il a été chercher en lui-même, et pas très loin.

Cette fracture affective se retrouve dans les choix de rôle de Tom, dans le fait qu'il n'aime pas parler de lui directement (il vous parlera de tel film pendant des heures, de tel acteur, de tel réalisateur, de son rôle dedans, de tout ce que vous voulez : il vous noie dans un flot de paroles qui ne vous révèlent pour ainsi dire rien de lui-même directement, il est très fort sur ce point) et...dans son écriture.

Ce qui est bien, avec son écriture, c'est qu'elle met fin tout net à la polémique plus ou moins existante sur certaines vidéos youtube quand à sa sexualité, je puis vous assurer que l'enfant n'est pas gay du tout. Ou alors il l'a caché jusqu'au fin fond de son écriture, ce qui n'est pas possible :D 

Vraiment, il ne serait même que bi que j'en resterai assise.

illustration :



ca ne vous parle pas?


bougez pas, je vous explique .



      Si les gens savaient tout ce que l'on peut savoir d'eux via leur écriture, ils n'écriraient pas.

      La bonne nouvelle, c'est que Tom ne sait pas, et donc, il a gentiment laissé son écriture traner partout sur le net¨, ça m'arrange bien je dois dire.

      Quand j'ai commencé la graphologie, j'ai découvert que les gens n'aiment pas du tout qu'on leur raconte toute leur vie en regardant leur écriture, j'ai un ami qui m'a sorti que c'était un "viol mental" : il n'a pas tord.

      Comme ce cher Tom ne m'a rien fait, je vais tacher ne pas aller trop loin dans l'analyse, en restant bien superficiel, tout le monde sera content.



En premier lieu, son écriture montre quelqu'un d'intelligent, d'enthousiaste et de joyeux, de sensuel, d'indépendant, de créatif (mais ayant besoin des autres pour donnner une direction harmonieuse à sa création et l'aider à être constant dans ses efforts.), de curieux, et de nature inquiète, ayant besoin d'encouragements affectifs, d'être entouré, mais ayant aussi besoin de phases de solitude pour se recentrer. Bonne capacités d'adaptation, agilité intellectuelle, il semble être assez facile à vivre.


Je pense pouvoir dire sans me tromper qu'il est plus proche de sa mère que de son père (oui, on voit ces choses là dans une écriture, oui)


      Il y'a chez Tom un problème d'harmonie interne : si le coeur s'élance avec enthousiasme et naïveté, son esprit le rappelle à l'ordre constament, ce qui crée sans cesse une fracture, une dualité : il veut être proche des gens, être aimé, être accessible, mais il veut aussi garder une certaine distance, je vous laisse imaginer son dilemme :D.


Il n'en reste pas moins que Tom est très sensible et très affectueux.


Et très anxieux. Je vous parie qu'il se bouffe frénétiquement les ongles.


Sinon, je ne voudrais pas être négative mais, ne vous attendez pas trop à le voir rester bien longtemps avec la même fille, si vous voyez ce que je veux dire , euhm euhm. Disons qu'il a, ehm, une certaine instabilité quoi :D


Cela dit, son écriture montre  une affirmation de soi et une certaine autorité : ce n'est clairement pas quelqu'un qui se laisse faire, il est probablement assez réactif/impulsif dans son genre, et il ne manque pas de volonté.


Là-dessus, comme on dit chez nous " faut se méfier de l'eau qui dort", oui eh bien méfiez-vous de cette eau là, l'enfant Tom doit avoir des colères rares mais plutôt du genre tsunami.


"Et s'il lisait ton article?"

Je crois qu'il trouvait ça amusant et intéressant, sans compter que j'ai probablement fait des erreurs, mais j'ai du tomber juste un certain nombre de fois aussi :)

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