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31 juillet 2012 2 31 /07 /juillet /2012 22:34

Signature is the most important thing you can possibly write : it shows more about you than a whole letter.

Tom's signature is very very releaving, so I'll try not too analyse it too deep. But at the very first second I saw Tom's autograph, I knew about familly problems, the most important question was : is Hiddleston the name of his father or his mother. Then I saw his writing, I knew the problem was his father.

Until yesterday, I would have told you, those problems are, emotionally, not solved. Good news : it's about to :)


What are we talking about? 

Well, we're talking about this : I've found out many many autographs, most of the time, they look just like this ( no, don"t look at Tom, look at his signature  ! :D)




"So what ?"

First, and it's releaving : he's writing his whole name. And his name is long, and he has no time. But still , he takes the time to write it, from T to N :D = affirmation, authenticity, responsability

When signing his whole name, Tom is saying you : I am tom Hiddleston, I assume what/who I am, I don't hide, I take the time to make things what they're supposed to be, I take the time to explain myself very clearly, to make things clear.

He's telling you that his familly's important to him too ( he takes the time to write hiddleston), you can clearly see that, he likes Tom, Tom's writen very clearly, with a beautiful O showing you affection, Tom's got no problem at all with himself.

Not the same with "Hiddleston" as you can see. In my own words, I usualy say "il massacre son nom" : the way he writes "Hiddleston" is something like butchery : unreadable, leaning to the left...

Look at the first D, it shows you all the anger and pain (with a little trace of aggressivity telling you very clearly : I will fight back)   that you're not supposed to know about, that first d is exactly where Loki's hidding ;) 

He (tries) writes "ddles" : not very runny, what you think ? hum...complicated 

Then "ston" : just a line, no O. 

His signature is telling you his story and, that's the most important, how he lived it : no hate for his father (he would not write Hiddleston at all, or he would have striped it once or several times), Tom is an Hiddleston, he's not ashamed, but he...disagree with few things :D and the end of his signature is telling you "i'm searching for ways and issues about this problem, this problem is real but won't stop me in my personnal evolution"

Tom's signature shows a butterfly in his coccon : transformation process in progress.



Question : how will he solve this, and when ?

Well, seems like I have a clue, look :










"I don't see anything, it's butchery !"

:D yes, but there's a little something, very very interesting for he did it twice the same day, look :



The end of his name is considerably elevated relative to the rest of his signature.

He would have done it only once, that would not be very significative, but twice the same day's very interesting.


Tom's telling us (and his father) : I'm above this. I won't let that interfer with my life now : it's over and done, I elevate myself, I'm above this.


This autographs is particular, look :


  No hiddleston, just Tom : when he's writing to someone, he's not signing with his whole name, just Tom : intimacy, nothing official, just real feelings : he's affected, this is personnal, nothing to do with who he is as an actor/son/brother , just Tom


And this...


...is almost an insult. Don't let him "sign" to you anaything this way :)


Tom's behavior and writing analysis here :  tom hiddleston : between Loki and...Dr Who

MESSAGE TO YOU, HIDDLESTONERS :  message to you, hiddlestoners

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murielle 16/09/2013 19:13

great !!! i like them both so that will be fair to have both signatures analized. thank you and let us know about it !!

murielle 13/09/2013 20:54

could you do the same thing with benedict cumberbatch's signature ??

ririe 16/09/2013 00:16

I can, and I will, many people ask for it and I found a good picture on Tumblr, so...soon :)

Dissertation Proposal 23/05/2013 13:08

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ririe 25/05/2013 01:09

thank you :)

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ririe 25/05/2013 01:11

for your "paper" ? what do you mean ?

hiddlestoner 01/08/2012 22:59

aah this is just brilliant, thank you so much for sharing this with us girl !

loki'd girl 31/07/2012 23:30

aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh !!!!
this is just awesome, this is extraordinary, this is...this is...withcraft !!
thank you so much !
I've learnt more about him through your articles than I ever did watching his videos for hours !
You're genius, girl !

ririe 31/07/2012 23:36

thank you :D

It's nothing like divination, just graphology & psychology :)