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31 janvier 2015 6 31 /01 /janvier /2015 11:42

Who is Lee Thranduil-Ned-Roy-Joe Pace ?


I've been very surprised by his signature. Watching him, I thought Lee would be euhm...maybe more "Joe" than "Ned". He's actually more Ned than Joe. And he's nothing at all like Thranduil :D


So who is Lee ?


The most interesting part of that picture is his signature. Lee never signs "Lee     Pace" , he ALWAYS signs "leePace" : there ain't no Lee without Pace, Lee doesn't think of his own self without his familly. Tom Hiddleston signs "tom + Hiddleston", he thinks Tom, AND Hiddleston. Lee makes no distinction. There's no Lee all alone. So, if he loves you but his familly don't, he will always choose his familly. You take Lee+Pace or you just have nothing at all.

Plus : Lee does not feel the need to protect himself, but you see the P of Pace? Laaarge, round, the most important part of his signature : Lee is drawing you his love for mum/dad, and then he writes "ace" under P : Lee is very protective with "Pace". And when I say "very protective", I mean that the only real way to get him angry is to attack "Pace". You can bite Lee, you cannot touch Pace.

Reading all this, you're allowed to think loneliness probably scares him a lot. In France we always say "Il vaut mieux être seul que mal accompagné" (it is better to be alone than in bad company) Lee would probably not say that :D.


Another interesting part of that picture is (hard to explain :D) F and G, those 2 letters have down parts. Down parts measure materialism/money/greed (and other things we won't talk about) , and Lee restricts those parts as much as possible. So yep, I'm gonna tell you now, there ain't no materialism inside Lee, Lee can be rich or poor and still happy. So, Lee is probably an adventurer : living things/experience seem to be more important to him than gainning anything.

That would make him rather impredictible.


Lee is a very positive person (rising writing). He's sociable too .



(I'm never done with handwriting/signature analysis, so, more to come, soon or not)

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1 janvier 2015 4 01 /01 /janvier /2015 15:51

Pollard's signature is really surprising, since many fans think he's shy, hidding behind his hair, not that much about talking, about interviews or anything, living on his own world.

We got him all so wrong !

Pollard's signature is telling a whole different story


*First, his signature shows a real sophistication, so I don't think he's hidding behind his hair, it's just esthetical :D. Of course I have very very few material (3 pictures), but I don't see anything like shyness.

*Simplicity, and laziness (2 L are missing hum hum), not that Pollard seems to need a reason to do things, something like a lake of motivation (but I need more handwriting to measure that).

*Pollard is everything but depressed, not even sad, he's positive and sociable, with...Humor ! Yep, you got me perfectly, I said Pollard is funny.

*A lot of tenderness, Pollard is Winnie the Pooh :D

*Pollard's signature is an affirmation (he's not drawing something unreadable, he's just writing his whole name), but without aggressiveness or too much authority, and not too much ego (signature not too large, not too big, but not small either)

*Pollard seems to be a balanced guy (his heart and his mind are equal, he's not thinking more than he feels, any decisions are taken with both mind and heart).

*Pollard is writing you he's not defenseless, everytime he signs, he's warning you : if you bite me, I bite back.

*He's smart (obviously, I knew he was not stupid, but he's surprisingly smart), Pollard probably travels a lot (I mean, not only while touring) and/or read a lot (actually, I think he was a brilliant student, if not, it's just laziness, not a lake of ability)


Pollard is adorable, a way I could not have guessed just watching him.

And Dave is a very generous bear on a cave :D :D











Pollard Berrier (Archive) Signature analysis
Pollard Berrier (Archive) Signature analysis
Pollard Berrier (Archive) Signature analysis
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27 décembre 2014 6 27 /12 /décembre /2014 12:32

As I already explained here, eyes are mirrors of our souls, they speak a langage that our mind and your heart understand instantly.

That's because our brains are divided in 2 parts : our "left brain" controls thoughts, and our "right brain" controls emotions. When you look at sometone, that person can instincly feel how you feel about her/him : your eyes are speaking for you. They speak about pain, joy, emotions, and thoughts. So if someone looks at you with his "right eye", his right brain, you feel his emotions, if someone is watching you with his left eye, you feel...uncomfortable, like he's analysing you. Cause that's exactly what that person is doing.


Eyes are the reason why however bad Loki can act, we adore him, because his eyes are talking pain to our hearts. And eyes are the reason why, however breathtaking Thranduil is, you immediatly feel he's dangerous, when he looks at you straight in the eyes, you feel uncomfortable. Thranduil is almost always watching people with HIS left eye, he's not feeling, he's thinking.


look what happens here, even if the studio's lights are lighting the right side of his face, his left eye seems...bigger, brighter than the right one !

Now look what happens when Thranduil is really feeling somethin, anger : he's suddenly watching with his right eye :


Of course, that's something directors know very well, you can see Peter Jackson filmed Thranduil's left face almost all of the time.

Look at his eyes the very first time you can see him :



You see how's he's watching Thorin with his thinking-left eye ? even if the right one is lightened, this right eye is not staring at Thorin, it squints a little, it's not the watching eye.

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19 juin 2014 4 19 /06 /juin /2014 09:52

I don't want to write this at the end of Seb writing analysis, I want my readers to understand, what follows is a THEORY.

A theory based on what I see on his signature and on 15 years of graphology hobby, but still, just a theory.



So, graphological facts are : a signature is a self-projection. You usually choose it when you're a teen. You write who you are, in your mind. It will evolves (bigger, smaller, simplier...) but it almost never completly change. If you choosed to write your name at 17 years old, you won't suddenly choose to stop at 50 (or you're about to commit suicide, euhm euhm)

When he was a teen, Sebastian choosed to write his first name ABOVE his familly name (interesting and relevant). He did not choose a vaporous/impersonal signature, he identified himself clearly : I am Sebastian, from the Stan familly.


The way you write things is always important. If you're in love, you write the word "love" bigger, you draw little hearts all around...when you write your first name in your signature, you say a lot too.

Sebastian writes his first name, and then, he...hum...he kinda slays it :D

Sometimes, he draws train tracks around "Sebastian", that's what you draw when you need stability, something to cling on to. 

Sometimes, he's surround "Sebastian", he's drawing a circle all around him, something soft and sweet, a place to rest.

Most of the times, he draws both. 



When he writes "Stan", he does not delete it or surround it or draw anything around. Stan is almost peacefull, when he thinks "Stan" there's nothing violent in is mind, things are Ok, so he writes it peacefully. See the a of "stan", it's big and it's a love circle : tenderness.

So Sebastian's got issues with Sebastian, but not with Stan. 

The theory is : Sebastian's been bullied at school. reason why, as a teen, he started to draw circles around "Sebastian", to protect him. He does not protect him from his familly, so he probably protects Sebastian from the other human beings around. And when you're a teen, other people around are teens too. So I think Seb's been bullied at school. It's a possibiility. He was romanian, he was 12...well, you know kids...He probably had very very bad days. He probably had to protect himself from mokery and to fight against low self elsteem for few years. Most important years of a lifetime. 

Voilà voilà.


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15 juin 2014 7 15 /06 /juin /2014 11:00

I said I would not blog about "Sebby" autographs/handwriting or anything.

I said it :$

Buuuuut...in the end...maybe we can talk about 1/2 few things...well...maybe...euhm, let's try :)

First : I don't have enough material to really work. BUT I have his signature, and that's the most important.


So, who are we talking about ?

We are talking about this man here 




First reaction : oooh he's adorable...I mean, for a volcano, he's adorable. And then I saw this :

And I was just "?? !!! Oh...euhm...why? oh..."


First : let's say all of those autographs are real.


Sebastian a mystery wrapped in an enigma surrounded by a contradiction. Sebastian is complication. That's it.



People usually think Tom hiddleston feels so so much, I mean, more than anyone of us. It's not true. Tom Hiddleston shows emotions he really has (I never said he's a hypocrite), but he doesn't FEEL more than us, he just shows more.

Sebastian feels more than Tom. But Sebastian cares a lot about controlling/not showing. He's refraining, not from feeling, but from showing. He does it very consciously. He doesn't want to show how he feels. But inside, he feels more than Tom, he's more sensitive. Inside, "sebby" is a volcano. Everything is very violent. No peace, no calm, feelings are exploding, violently, and thoughts are fighting feelings, violently too (that's the most important thing about Sebastian : thoughts are fighting feelings)

And because he's always refraining from showing us how he feels, people say "he's shy, he's a turtle". Mistake. Sebastian is not shy. At all actually. Shyness, to define it clearly,  is a feeling of insecurity that some people experience when they are in contact with their peers, or when they talk to other people. Shyness is associated to fear and/or shame. And shyness has a very little writing, shyness wants to disappear. Nothing like that in Sebastian writing or signature. At all. Sebastian doesn't like to be exposed, it's not about "a feeling of insecurity", it's more like prudery. The way he feels, who he is, it belongs to him, it's very personal, so he gives it to people he chooses, not to the whole world. It's about controlling what you give to people you don't know. It's about intimacy. So it's not exactly shyness.

 Sebastian is the type of guy (ah ah, Twitter will love that) showing feelings to people he trusts. And because Sebastian is not Tom, he doesn't trust you before submitting you to thousand kind of (stupid) tests, before deciding (cause he decides that) to trust you or not. And trusting people, feeling confident with them can take Sebastian A LOT of time. If you' renlucky enough, he will show you his real sense of humor (he has alot) two or three YEARS after you met him. Yep, it can take THAT MUCH time. 


You see that ?

This how Trent Reznor is telling you to stay away from him. Far away. 

Sebastian sometimes is telling you the same. But most of the time, He's telling you "hey! We don't know each other ok ! Tame me!" Sebastian is The Fox in  St Exupery The Little Prince. 

Let's compare him to a gardener (we all are gardeners anyway), and people he meets are seeds, fallen into his garden. If you fall into Hiddleston's garden, he will hysterically be happy, so curious about this new little seed growing in his garden (I'm sure you picture that very clearly :D). But you're in Seb's garden, and Sebastian is not Hiddleston, so you're wellcome, meeting people is 100% ok (sebastian is nothing like a bear in a cave, he's VERY sociable), but he's the suspicious/watcher kind of gardener. You know, he's been working hard on the garden of his relationships with others, he's a kind of collector, not many flowers here, but he strictly selected each ones. And now, here you are, and he doesn't know you. So he's taking you from his garden, and he's kinda plant you in a pot and cultive you in his veranda, to know what kind of flower you are, to decide if he wants you or not in his garden. And he's calling gardeners-friends "hey man, I got this new seed you know, did you ever seen this before ? What kind of flower is that? Which color ? How does it smells like?".

A new seed, it a very serious thing to such a serious gardener :)

Once he decides to grow you, in the garden of his affection, you have to know that you kinda...belong to him (yep, I'm telling you he's possessive but he doesn't seem to be excessively possessive, I need more handwriting) ...and he knows you, he's been watching you for a while, in his veranda. He choosed a place, he dug a hole just for you, he knows what you need to grow and what kind of plant you are. He's caring. 

And if it ever happened that you don't grow the way you're supposed to, if you die, or if he has to uproot you from his garden...it's a tragedy. He spent time and energy on you, he's been silently watching you from his chair...so if you disappear, for a very long time, he will sit on the ground and watch the place where you were growing, wondering what went wrong : too much water, too much sun, too much wind, or not enough..? Why is that place empty now? What went wrong...and worse : Is it my falt ?

There will always be a scar.

Sad story.

Did I mention Seb's got a real sense of humor? He has . So no, everything is not dramatical, there is lot of fun too :) And tenderness, a lot of tenderness, sebby the Turtle" is a Teddy Bear.


You see that point ?



It's called  "point of authority". It means "I said what I had to. Now let's talk about something else". End of everything. No more talk, no negociation.



 Trying to control feelings always creates an internal disharmony. Internal disharmony is dangerous. Fighting against your own self bothers. And bothered people drink and do drugs.

Good news : you can control a volcano. 

what is VERY VERY interesting to me is that, "Sebby" met The Winter Soldier. And you can be certain it changed his life, from the inside I mean : diet, sport, choosing to do it (no one ever forced him to be J.B.Barnes, he choosed it, he knew) and now being forced to really run in the morning, learn to fight...Sebastian enclosed himself in a box in which he choosed to enter (that choice is important), a box called discipline. THIS is exactly how you can control your internal volcano : your mind is constantly thinking about a higher goal, something that's hard physically. So your mind is not thinking about feelings. The more you think about what makes you suffer, the more you suffer. But if you can think about something else...

That's what teens do, when they cut themselves not to suffer anymore : physical pain replaces mental pain, for a while, and it eases, a very bad way. 

It's just a matter of distracting your mind from thinking/suffering. It's a trick. But it works. It's even used in sophroplogy, to ease moderate pain.


When you're volcano inside, and Sebastian is, you think too much, and you feel as much as you think. Little problems become mountains in your mind. You have to break the thoughts. Discipline is the best way. Sebastian found the Winter Soldier inside of his own self. If he doesn't stop discipline/sport/diet/control, his autographs would be soon to be simplier, clearer. Almost peacefull. And then I will talk about end of search, affirmation, and accepting/loving himself (let's wait 5/6 years and see ^_^)

So watching autographs from now on will be very interesting.


Volcano people need limits, a goal, something to reach, a reason not to think too much. In France we usually say "l'oisiveté est mère de tous les vices" : Idleness is the mother of all vices. This sentence was created for volcano-people :). Don't let a Sebastian Stan on his own, not doing anything. And don't give him facility : he needs difficulty, it keeps him busy. And "busy" kills anxiousness. Cause it's all we're talking about here : Sebastian is anxious by nature. So that he needs time, for everything. If he rushes, his thoughts cannot bring order all around, nothing's under control, it's chaos inside. You can rush Tom Hiddleston, not Sebastian Stan.

And he clearly suffered from loneliness, from being an only child (trust me Seb, you're wrong about that!)


      I bet if you met him for few hours, you may think he's a the nice guy, not talking too much (talking means showing something, you cannot ask him to talk you're torturing him, com'ooon :D And anyway, he just met you, he's busy thinking/observing you.). Talking means externalizing. Sebastian is busy internalizing. So talking is probably not his thing.  In case of deep rage, you'll probably find him hitting walls. Or drinking. Women talk. Men, they drink (but maybe now, he will just run for few hours-winter soldier, discipline!)

       I bet his long lasting friends will tell you that he can have very violent rage, that he can show passionate love, that he's sometimes aggressive, that he has disproportionate reactions (argh, that's when lava is flowing from the volcano, feelings sometimes, they show off...argh...). They will probably say he is challenging-provocative-defiant...the whooooole package (so that he probably look at you right in the eyes while talking to you, he's kinda defying you)...and he's the thinking guy too. Paradoxe. Contradiction. He's defying, his own self probably. Or a girl friend who laughed at him at school. Or his father who once said "no". Or a friend thinking he cannot do it. Who knows...

I bet his friends will tell about a Sebastian looking at you right in the eyes and saying "no" and you know you just have to stop right now, cause he's about to just kill you. Problem with volcanos is, you know when they erupt, not when they stop. You know when Sebastian is violently exploding, you don't know when he stops. However adorable Sebastian is (and he really is), he's got grounds and rooms for physical violence. And because he's the thinking guy always imploding, when he stop imploding to explode, it's very violent.


I don't see any spritual/mysthical aspiration (but those things are hard to evaluate and I have very few, so I might be wrong), at this point, I just see a man searching for himself inside his own self throught experiences. And acting is a good way to live experiences. I see a man pushing his own limits, to define them, over and over. 

He's made of contradictions. He's chaotic/excessive... but with order. Sad but not really depressed, firmly rooted in present but positively looking future (and it's a contradiction : people firmly living in Present, they just don't think about Future, but Sebastian does!). He has issues but he's fighting each one, he's made of tenderness/sociability/need of love/kindness with room for violence/anger. Always trying to protect himself, and always searching for...danger :D. And I'm quite sure he's a gambler (but I cannot prove it right now, so let's not talk about that, even if his y and his g, you know...hum...)

Sebastian is a thought. He thinks a lot, too much most of the time. So doing things..well...not before thinking...and thinking again :D. And Sebastian is thinking, because Sebastian is...impulsive (I told you he's made of contradictions). but he probably noticed that "impulsive" is not good, impulsions have prices nobody wants to pay, so his mind started to...think before acting :D.


So, Sebastian is an excessive person trying to be balanced. Voilà voilà.  


 Sebastian's got a problem with Sebastian (that's the thing we won't talk about that you can CLEARLY see in the way he writes "Sebastian" : he's writing his first name entirely, and then he surrounds it _protection_, and he violently scratches  it...well...Sebastian's got a problem with Sebastian) , but Sebastian is a proud part of the Stan familly. He loves his familly. He wants wife and Stan children, in a balanced life...BUT Sebastian wants to be Sebastian too (yes, it's just another contradiction, I know... told you the man is complication, he's worse than Reznor himself arrff!!! <3). Stan is important, but not more important than just Sebastian, as a person, as an individual part of the Stan familly. He needs to be recognized within his own family (extended his circle of friends). 

Signature analysis here

I wrote Tom Hiddleston is Dr Who, always exploding emotions, trying to eat the whole world. Sebastian is more like Sherlock  Holmes : he's got his own little world, with few people, but he wants to be the most important part of this little world. So that the Stan familly is very important, but little boy Sebastian is important too. It's probably the only balanced thing inside him :D !!

Oh, there's something else that's balanced inside Sebastian : his ego. Neither too much or too little (not too little/too big writing)



So, we have complexity and agitation, but with a real search for peace, stability, with sense of responsability.

When I write "sense of responsability", I mean Sebastian is the type of man stopping everything, inculding carreer, to raise his children. And in case of divorce, don't expect to go with his children. You got it all wrong. He's the guy following you everywhere, buying the house next to yours, not for you, for his children. And he's an obstinated person, "Sebby the turtle", with or without discipline.

So yeah, I won't be surprised if he suddenly disappear from Hollywood, living his little life somewhere, travelling around the world with wife and familly. He was not born for Hollywood lights. Hollywood detroys people internalizing feelings and thoughts. Hollywood is about lying, showing off...and being exposed. All of the time. Being exposed comes almost naturally to Tom Hiddleston, he can deal with that, he even likes it. But Sebastian is the exact opposite of Hiddleston on many many points. So being exposed is not his nature, at all. 


I usually associate people to a song. I wrote Hiddleston is The World In My Eyes (Depeche Mode). Sebastian is clarly a Rob Dougan song. I think Sebastian is Clubbed to Death (he's no suicidal, so he cannot be I'm Not Driving Anymore, and he's not possessive/obsessed enough to be Furious Angels, so, he's Clubbed to Death)



Remember I'm not a pro, this is just a hobby to me, I am certainly wrong about few things and right about others. This is just fun, not absolute truth. I don't know him, never met him, this is just...fun :)


Thanks A LOT to www.sebastianstanspain.com for translating all of this in spanish (here). You are AWESOME !








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17 mai 2014 6 17 /05 /mai /2014 12:20

       Easy !!

First : Sebastian is twice his double! :D


And Sebastian's body's is a V : large and massive shoulders/chest,  wasp waist (taille de guêpe !!) :) Let's say Sebastian is a triangle.



No waist, this man is built like a rectangle, this man is not Sebastian :




     But,  this man is clearly a triangle, this man is Sebastian :




Sebastian...(wouaaah) ?


...What do you think ?


 Got you ah ah, he has no waist, you're actualy watching this man:


      It's very clear with this gif : the first man is triangle-Sebastian, the second one is Rectangle-Double (and Rectangle Double has a name : James Young)



      PLUS : Sebastian's back is....a (no, not a question, a ? :D :D), you see that? Ok.





Sebastian's got a visible expression wrinkle on his forehead. Those kind of things they don't disappear. A high quality picture (important) with no wrinkle means you're not staring at Sebastian. 

You see it ?





 the winter soldier wearing a mask, of course, is Sebastian, we can clearly see his wrinkle and the ? of his back ^_^



Massive arms, massive chest, waist, wrinkle : this is Sebastian too


       Scarlett is trying to strungle...Sebastian (triangle, wrinkle!)






An easy way to know who you're watching at his the eyebrows. Sebastian has long falling eyebrows, with his eyes wrinkles, it's just like he's always wearing make up, he has a shadow in the extention of his eyes : 



      Even trought the Winter soldier's long dark hair, we can see Sebastian's eyebrows




May 17 2016, Twitter. @sputnikbarnes asks "which one is Sebastian"


And many said "they are both stunt doubles" 😩

No girls.

Sebastian has a very specific way to frown. 

Look :


So, even with a mask and make up, you can still say Sebastien is on the right :)




Sebastian, or not Sebastian ?


Look at the veins on his hand, they draw a fork. Just like here...This man is Sebastian (and Sebastian is a son of Poseïdon :D)



      And so, this Winter Soldier...


Is Sebastian (fork !!)




Now, let's burn our eyes on pictures, having fun with a little practice ^_^


triangle : Sebastian


      Triangle...even when he's sitting. Interesting...and back = ?. Sebastian.



and...rectangle !! And back = ! not a ? so, double!



Chest, waist, triangle, ?back : Sebastian again, clearly



Ah! rectangle ! double !



Forehead wrinkle : Sebastian



Does anyone see Sebastian here ? Then read the whole thing again, you got it all wrong !! :D

This Winter Soldier is clearly NOT Sebastian :




Triangle Sebastian...


Triangle... ?-back





and... !-back rectangle James "double" Young !





After writing this, I watched the fight scenes on youtube. 80% are clearly Sebastian. Very clearly, his waist is just the best way to recognise him, even when he's moving very fast, it's very very clear. Just try, you'll see



Follow the Triangle











Please : no need to comment that I'm crazy, obsess or anything : This is just how I spend time when I cannot sleep.

I am 34, I have real life, familly, work, friends.

I'm just very insomniaque.

I had fun trying to find Sebastian on pictures. Just like you spend hours drawing him. For fun.

So don't spend time writing hate coms, so I won't waste time delating.

No, god-Sebastian won't use botox because I wrote he has a wrinkle. I think he already noticed you know

and I hope he's smarter than that.



Sebastian stan quick handwriting analysis



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26 janvier 2014 7 26 /01 /janvier /2014 12:09


Lorsque j'étais au lycée, j'ai discuté IVG une fois avec ma meilleure amie, Alexandra. Elle était pour. Elle avait toutes sortes d'arguments que je n'ai pas retenus, par contre, elle a dit "j'vais pas laisser un tas d'viande m'gâcher la vie", et ça, ça m'a choquée, alors j'ai bien retenu.

J'ai retenu parce qu'on a appris les mêmes choses elle et moi, on a eu les mêmes cours de biologie, qui nous ont expliqué que "tas de viande" est 1 : vivant, 2 : constitué d'adn HUMAIN. Ce n'est donc ni une brosse à dent ni un cheval, son adn identifie clairement "tas de viande" à un être humain vivant. Ayant son adn propre (c'est important, vu que du coup, on ne parle plus du corps de la mère, mais du corps d'un autre être humain vivant).

Alors sur twitter, on m'explique qu'on ne parle pas d'un vrai humain puisque 1: ça n'est pas né, 2 : c'est "juste" un embryon.


Je porte plainte contre l'industrie du cinéma qui, à chaque fois que dans un film une femme enceinte perd son "tas de viande", nous dramatise la chose comme si un bébé était mort. Nan, la dame elle a juste perdu...ben on ne sait trop quoi, un "embryon", vous comprenez, c'est pas vraiment vivant puisque ce n'est pas né, et de toute façon, c'est tout sauf un bébé, disons qu'elle a perdu "un tas de cellules vivantes à ADN humain". Pas de quoi allimenter l'imaginaire collectif. 

Pourquoi le spéctateur s'en émeut-il? Ce qu'il peut être bête j'vous jure...ou alors le spectateur sait bien que même à 2H de fécondation, une femme a dans son ventre...un bébé...humain...une graine d'humain fécondée.

Voyez-vous, un agriculteur, lorsqu'il voit une graine gonflée, il sait qu'il regarde une plante. Il ne va pas l'écraser en se disant que cette graine n'est pas, s'il le faisait avec tout son blé, il sait qu'il ne récolterait rien de rien. Non , l'agriculteur, il regarde sa graine gonflée d'eau, il sait qu'il regarde du blé. 

Vous l'imaginez, vous, l'agriculteur jettant des graines dans son champs, et pirtinant toutes celles qui commencent à gonfler en hurlant " ce n'est pas du blé, ce n'est rien du tout!!" ? Vous le feriez interner.

Par contre, une graine fécondée d'humain, curieusement, ça ne serait pas de l'humain vraiment. On ne sait pas trop ce que c'est du coup, vu que scientifiquement, ça vit et ça a de l'ADN humain, alors bon, on ne peut pas appeller ça cheval ou pied de biche non plus, alors voilà, on est bien embêté, on essaie de débattre de "à partir de quand un humain est-il considérable comme un humain".

Bon, scientifiquement, si vous donnez "tas de viande" à analyser à un généticien, comme je vous le disais, il vous dira que c'est bien de l'humain, et que ça vit, en plus. 

C'est fâcheux.

Si vous donnez ce "tas de viande vivant à ADN humain" à un bibliste, il vous dira que le roi  David, s'adressant à son Créateur dans Psaumes, lui dit :"Tes yeux ont vu mon embryon,et dans ton livre étaient inscrites toutes ses parties,pour ce qui est des jours où elles furent formées et où il n’y avait pas encore une seule d’entre elles."(Psaumes 139:16) . Là, c'est fâcheux aussi, il semblerait que David, et surtout Dieu, aient considéré que l'embryon en question était bien David lui-même, et le passage précise qu'il "n'était pas encore formé" il était donc au stade de "ovaire tout juste fécondé". Avant naissance et tout et tout.

C'est encore fâcheux tout ça. Surtout que les Psaumes sont reconnus par les juifs, les chrétiens et les musulmans. 


Et donc, on me dit "l'IVG sauve des vies". Stupéfaction : Ah bon ? Mais dites, combien de ces femmes seraient mortes en accouchant ? On vit où la ? On vit quand ? Au moyen-âge ?

Soyons sérieux j'vous prie. l'IVG tue à TOUS LES COUPS au moins 1 humain : "tas de viande vivant à ADN humain"


Et de me hurler "vaut mieux ça qu'un enfant malheureux". Hum...déjà, comment savez-vous que l'enfant serait à ce point malheureux ? Vous savez, même adoptés, il y'a des millions et des millions d'humains qui vivent très bien.

En outre, si être vivant et malheureux n'en vaut tellement pas la peine, laissez donc les malheureux se suicider en paix ! C'que vous êtes cruels et égoïstes.

Essayons un truc : on laisse "tas de viande vivant à ADN humain" vivre, et s'il est à ce point malheureux, on le laisse se suicider en paix. On essaie, pour voir ? Hum ? Non ? Ben pourquoi ?


Quelle hécatombe au nom de la vie ou du bonheur ! Et quelle mauvaise foi surtout.


Du coup, je vous suggère, Ô ivgistes d'assumer un peu et de dire, juste, que vous voulez tuer ce "tas de viande vivant à ADN humain", non pas parce que la femme fait ce qu'elle veut de son corps, puisqu'on ne parle pas de son corps, "tas de viande" a son propre ADN bien à lui, mais parce que la naissance de cet humain là contrarie ses géniteurs. 

Assumez donc que vous mettez à mort "tas de ciande à ADN humain"

Voilà, là vous voyez, vous aurez l'air plus crédibles et vachement moins hypocrites.

Parce que vous entendre m'expliquer que de ce que ces femmes enlèvent de leurs corps n'est ni vivant ni humain, ça m'éneeeeeeeerve...autant qu'un épisode de Secret Story voyez ?


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10 novembre 2013 7 10 /11 /novembre /2013 16:07

Je tiens à remercier bien fort ce bon Aymeric, qui a eu le bon goût de laisser sa vraie écriture manuscrite sur son propre site web.

Merci Mr, ça m'évite de courir tout partout à la recherche d'autographes. T'es un mec bien.





    Avant ce jour, je pensais que ma soeur avait l'écriture la plus liée du monde...euh pardon, je voulais dire : avant ce jour, je pensais que ma petite soeur était l'être le plus affectueusement collant-accaparant-jaloux du monde.

Fascination, le Mr il l'est encore plus. J'ai jamais vu ça, regardez-moi cette écriture! Une fois le stylo posé sur la feuille pour écrire un mot, le stylo ne se lève pas une seule fois, chaque lettre est scrupuleusement reliée à la suivante d'une manière ou d'une autre, le stylo ne quitte pas la feuille...admirable.

Et super stressant pour moi qui suis d'un tempérament genre...euh...Sherlock Holmes voyez.


Aymeric Caron est hyper affectueux (et même, c'est un graaaand romantique), tout en sensibilité et susceptibilité, tout en social et besoin des autres.

Marrant non ?

Alors à son niveau, pour ses compagnes, ça doit pas forcément être facile à vivre tous les jours, vu que cela s'accompagne forcément de jalousie (voir ses s n'est-ce pas).

J'ajoute idées fixes/obsessions/persévérence/endurance/méticulosité. 


   Fascination No2 : regardez la finale des mots, comme les lettres, surtout le e d'ailleurs, s'élancent vers l'avant, comme pour courir après le mot suivant : Aymeric a un élan naturel vers l'autre, sociabilité, humour et générosité. Aussi étrange que cela puisse paraître venant de ce petit Mr perçu comme un genre de dragon, je ne serais vraiment pas surprise qu'il soit du genre à faire le pitre et à faire rire tout le monde en soirée. Quand on a une écriture aussi liée et des finales qui s'élancent comme ça vers la droite et en hauteur, on a de l'humour. On a donc un Tigre-Marrant.



   Par contre, notre Super-Bisounours a un problème.

 Vous savez, on dit de certaines personnes qu'ils sont "feu sous la glace". Eh bien Aymeric est juste volcan. Sans la glace.


Vous voyez comme son écriture "bouillonne", elle change de direction toutes les 2 lettres, ça monte, ça descend, ça va à droite, à gauche...bref, ça éclate et explose de tout partout, et comme il fait vraiment de son mieux pour se dominer et se contenir, ça donne une impression d'écriture assez peu harmonieuse. Difficile de réprimer un volcan (bon courage mon gars). 

Et pourquoi dominer et maitriser un volcan ? Parce que notre Aymeric est un Super-Anxieux avec besoin hystérique de contrôle (sur lui-même et sur le reste), ce qui peut _et est_ sûrement pénible pour ceux qui partagent sa vie.

Et comment donc se maîtrise-t-on soi-même et controle-t-on son environnement ? En faisant sport zé régimes, et en bossant.

Nous avons donc un grand bosseur scrupuleux devant l'Eternel.


   Vous remarquerez que bébé Aymeric a tendance à "enrouler les a" : protection de soi/angoisses/voire paranoïa. Dans son cas c'est présent, mais pas dramatique (il n'enroule ue certains a)

Je ne vous apprends pas qu'Aymeric a une horreur hystérique de parler de sa vie privée (Si, je vous l'apprends ? Vous saviez pas ? hum...)

Eh bien enroulement des voyelles pleines + écriture bouillonante et élancée + écriture "acérée" + crochets r= agressivité/susceptibilité/deffensive/ et tempérament potetiellement violent. Bisounours Aymeric deviendra dragon crachant feu et flammes (avec vraie crise de violence) s'il se sent menacé, lui ou ses proches de la sphère très proches (perso, je vous recommande de fuir et d'enfermer la bête dans la pièce, vu que je le vois très bien casser tout).


    A la barre de ses T et au fait qu'il ne manque pas un point final ou un point sur un i, je vous annonce que l'enfant Aymeric est autoritaire, déterminé et résolu, inflexible dans ses décisions prises. 


   A la forme générale de l'écriture, à la ponctuation, à la forte liaison, sachez qu'Aymeric est très poli-protocolaire : on dit bien bonjour, au-revoir et merci. On respecte scrupuleusement les lois/règles/contrats. D'ailleurs, il en a besoin, on ne maîtrise rien ni personne dans l'anarchie.


   J'ajoute à tout ceci qu'Aymeric écrit de façon très scolaire dans ses formes, ce qui rend l'écriture bien lisible : pas de rébellion notoire face à l'autorité, à laquelle il se soumettra volontier (s'il vous donne autorité sur lui j'entends, s'il ne vous reconnait aucune autorité, il ne pliera en rien quelle que soit la menace)


    Bref, nous avons un tempérament Tigre sur un fond Bisounours.

Reste une grande inconnue : pourquoi des goûts musicaux aussi ***** (euh catastrophiques, pardon)




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23 octobre 2013 3 23 /10 /octobre /2013 12:24

Je n'ai jamais comparé 2 écritures pour voir si elles étaient identiques, c'est donc tout nouveau pour moi. Mais suite à l'article de Rue89, je ne peux m'empécher d'essayer :)


Alors qu'avons-nous? L'autographe contesté



Et quelques autographes ccertifiés




_Ca se ressemble beaucoup, je vous l'accorde, cependant, je m'interroge sur le B d'arbitre dans l'autographe contesté.

Pourquoi? Parce qu'il n'a pas d'entame (lien qui lie 2 lettres entre elles), or l'on écrit B comme l'on écrit L, ou presque, et les L de Lorent ont tous une entame. De plus, Lorent a des L bien pleins, avec ample (haut des lettres élancées) pleine, ce B a une hambe batonnée. C'est curieux. Possible, mais curieux.

_De même pour 2 T de l'autographe contesté, outre leurs formes différentes des T habituels de Lorent, ils n'ont pas d'entame non plus. J'ajoute que Lorent a tendance à avoir écrire les lettres de façon identiques à chaque fois (souvent selon la position de la lettre dans un mot ou une phrase, on peut avoir tendance à l'écrire différemment, dans son cas, cela est vraiment rare, or là, nous avons dans le même tout petit mot 2 formes de T différentes sur 4 T écrits!) et un seul de ces T a une entame, ce qui est étrange.


_pour enfoncer le clou, j'ajoute que le F de l'autographe contesté diffère vraiment beaucoup des F de Lorent, vous observerez, encore, l'absence d'entame et de hampe. J'ai sur ce billet  2 F de Lorent : 


Ca n'a rien à voir avec le F de l'autographe contesté, voyez comme ces 2 F ont une belle entame et comme leurs hampes forment des bulles, non pas des bâtons!


Sinon, la direction (vers le haut orienté à droite), et la forme générale de l'écriture de l'autographe contesté sont bonnes.

Bref, il est effectivement possible que cet autographe soit un faux. Mais il est vrai que je ne me suis jamais livrée à cet exercice, je peux me tromper :)

Si l'on me demande mon avis, je dirais que l'autographe est faux et que la sgnature finalle a été inspirée par le vrai autographe ici. Voyez comme les 2 signatures se ressemblent, sans être tout à fait identiques http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/NzAwWDk5MA==/z/t1QAAMXQBlJR~fep/$T2eC16d,!zcE9s4g3iF0BR+fepIMfg~~60_1.JPG



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22 septembre 2013 7 22 /09 /septembre /2013 20:18

Voyez-vous cela, qu'avons-nous là...Mais c'est l'écriture de Chanty, voyons voir ça...



T'as pas cru pouvoir m'échapper quand même ? :D 

*niark niark*

      Bon, bien sûr, je ne peux pas faire grands miracles avec si peu, mais quand même

100% émotion. 100% fille.

Optimisme/bonne humeur, ambition,  bonne harmonie intérieure, forte sociabilité/besoin des autres, égo acceptable (disons que tu as une appréciation de toi assez juste à trop importante, sans tomber dans l'arrogance fière et prétencieuse), autorité, affirmation de soi, (probable très bonne entente avec ta maman, probablement pas de problèmes avec ta famille d'ailleurs, pas de traumatismes notables, mais je dirais que tu es plus proche de ta mère que de ton père), gourmandise, sensualité, jouisseuse (dans le sens "qui aime les plaisirs de la vie"), très forte protection des proches (et par extention, de soi-même) , tendresse, forte susceptibilité, diplomatie à manipulation, coquetterie excessive, volonté d'être bien comprise, reflexion, capacités aux travaux manuels créatifs, très grand (trop grand) besoin d'affection/tendresse (et quand c'est trop, c'est toujours un manque de confiance en soi, quelque part), immaturité (toi être un grooos bébé, eh ben moi aussi :D). Appliquée/consciensieuse/méticuleuse.

traces de (à préciser) : caprice, angoisse, influençabilité

Bref, toi être un bisounours, dedans.

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