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4 août 2012 6 04 /08 /août /2012 18:59

Who is tom hiddleston, inside ?


hidleston écriture grand

            Doesn't mean anything to you ?

Don't worry, i'll tell you


             If people knew everything that's shown through their handwriting, they would not write.

      Good news : Tom doesn't seem to know, so that you can find it everywhere. ^_^ ( thank you Tom)
      When I started graphology, I discovered that people do not like their life being told by looking at their writing, I have a friend who got me out it was a " mental rape ": he's not wrong.
     So I'llto try not to go too far in the analysis, while remaining very superficial, everyone will be happy.
First, his handwriting shows someone intelligent, enthusiastic and joyful, sensual, independent, positive (but not as much as he says. Interesting.), creative (but who needs others to show an harmonious direction to his work and to help him being constant in his efforts.), curious, and anxious by nature.
Needing emotional encouragement, to be surrounded, but have a need for solitude phases to focus on himself. Mental agility, he seems to be pretty easy going.
In France, we usualy say "se méfier de l'eau qui dort" : be aware of sleeping water. Well, be aware of Tom's tantrum , rare but real :D
No particular sign of jalousy (strange isn't it? hum◔_◔ )
Seems like Tom is very sensitive and very affectionate.
And very anxious. I bet he frantically eats his nails, or he used to, when he was younger
Otherwise, I would not be negative but do not expect  him to stay too long with the same girl , if you know what I mean, hum hum :D. Let's say he has, ehm, some kind of instability :D
Tom needs (realllly do need) to be needed. Being loved is great. Being needed is better to him. So, he will probably fall in love with every strong and independent woman he'll meet and try to find out how to let her know that she NEEDS him. Once he'll have what he wants, he'll probably leave. Love issues isn't it ?
Tom is your best friend, but he's not your best boyfriend :)
But he really is your best friend, the shoulder to cry on, the one you can call late at night, the one never too busy to listen, the one who really try to help. Very devoted friend.
   His handwriting shows authority, lot of will, resistance : if you bite him, he'll bite back. He is probably quite reactive / impulsive (and trying to controll that loki part of him, obviously_see direction of the writing). Vulnerability to culpability (seems like he feels guilty easily. You want to affect him, well, just let him know that he hurt you, I'm sure he won't sleep for a while__just sayin' :$)
I can say that he's closer to his mother than to his father (yes, we see these things in writing, yes)
Emotion is double-edged : Tom is very sympathetic, very sensitive, very...evertything I've already talked about, but, that's what makes Tom fragile too : if it ever happens that things go wrong : take alcohol away from him, he might be very soon to be addicted and sick.


Thanks to Tumblr, I found this.


I realised I forgot to tell you that Tom is idealistic. I don't have enough to measure it precisely, but he is. Maybe (probably) he is very.

He's searching for elevation/spirituality

Few days later : Iwas wrong. What I thought was idealism is...pride. An optimism.




And most of the time, OVERprotective means possessive too ("you belong to me, I am your god, I protect you...and if you need something, you're supposed to ask ME, not anyone else. I'm kind, attentive, if you ask someone else, you offend me."__you get it ? good. It's a kind of lake of self-confidence.)

But Tom's overprotectivity doesn't seem very massive, so it's probably very bearable, people probably don't really notice it I guess, it will show up on bad days only, he will shout "why didn't you ask ME !?!" :)



no no no, I will never tell you :)


But interesting (rroooh no, not the sexual way, the psychological way)


I read people saying Tom is too humble, that he doesn't like to talk about himself, he always talks for hours about anybody else but him. I agree, but I don't see it when he writes. So cannot speak about it right now.



 People usualy think Tom is 


When is more like


And, and that's interesting (to me I mean), Tom doesn't FEEL more than anybody else. He just SHOWS/expresses himself more (about feelings he really has, I'm not saying he's lying or something).


Oh! Important ! I'm quite sure Tom is 




So if you cross his lines, you won't know it, he won't tell you anything, but inside, he's...


And one day, he will explode and probably won't talk to you for...hum, a long, very long time. Why ? Because he thinks he's been veeery patient with you  and he thinks you abused his patience, and he deduces you're a bad person. So he doesn't wanna have anything to you anymore. Communication issues : What's relevant to you, most of the time, is not relevant to others. Because we all are unique. So, don't act/think the same as Tom :)


I see ability to lie/manipulate but not the WILL to do so : Tom doesn't seem to be a liar. He can get what he wants from you using diplomacy, but using lie to fool you is not his thing (anyway, according to what I see in his behavior, not his handwriting, Tom is a poor liar : his body sometimes shows off his thoughts)


And his handwriting shows an ambitious man. And ambition is a mix of 2 things : ego, and fear of death. Tom doesn't want to disappear, he wants to leave a trace, he wants to...impress his father (according to his signature).

Seems like the most important part of Tom's life is to be loved/approved by his father (that's his Loki part :D). More or less consciously, everything he does is about Daddy saying "you were right/you are MY son".




Speculations :

_Tom's autority will grow with age. For the obvious reasons : the more he works, the less he has time, so when he wants/needs something, he wants/needs it now. "Please" wil slowly disappear and become an order (and "Thank You" will disapear few years later). Plus : he'll get used to give orders and to be obeyed.

Right now, everything is new, and everything is what he ever dreamt of : hotel, celebrity, people screaming his name...everything's just wonderfull in Wonderland. But he won't be "new" for ever. Will be interesting to read him in few years. Won't be surprised if we suddently read papers saying he's having big shouting fight with anyone, specialy if problems with girlfriend (if you ever read that he's having love issues, run away, and, as I already wrote it, if problems with girlfriend, make sure he's not...drinking.)

_I'm Totally (100%, completly, without any kind of doubt) sure he's getting tired of being called "Loki". Tom is ambicious. Tom signs his whole personal and entire name (he could sign as many others, some kind of fast drawing or anything), as I already explained : it's an affirmation: he's writting who he is, he is Tom Hiddleston. Not Loki. So, may I suggest you, if you meet him, if you want him to appreciate you : don't talk about Loki anymore.

It's very natural you know, even your fav food, if you eat it everyday, one day, you'll get sick of it. Too much is too much.


Tom's signature analysis here


@lokipinkrabbit // @superpinkrabbit


Oh, and remember : I'm not a pro, I make mistakes :) (but a real french pro read and said I'm good, so... :D :$)

few days later
I'm very glad to see that post's that popular.
I received many questions about writings in general and Tom's writings in particular : I cannot analyse all of your writings guys, this is hours of work :)
And You asked few things about Tom : remember I never met him, I don't know him, and even if I'm quite sure of what I'm writing , I might be wrong you know ! :D ( at least about few things I mean;) )
So, you asked :
Is he romantic ?
Tom hiddleston is a gazelle : in love, he's running very very fast, but not very long. I'd be very surprised if he ever stay with a girl more than 7 years. This will probably change when he's on his 50's.
When I say "he's a gazelle", i mean that, he's romantic, and attentive, and tender, and tactile : yes, just as you dream he is, well, he is :D
But those very intense feelings he truly feels, they don't last forever. So, he's not running for a long time.
A gazelle.
Is he gay ?
Euhm, no, seems like not, no.
Not sexualy.
but emotionaly, he can have very very strong feelings for a man
He's perfect....
euhm, no, not according to me : lake of emotional stability, seems like his heart goes boom and his mind refrains, this duality causes some kind of emotional disharmony (but I need a little more writing to analyse this very clearly and take measure of anger and agressivity that I see traces of in that very small piece of writing :p) 
Can you send me his whole writing analysis ?
nop. First, I never wrote it anywhere else but here, then I'll have to write it in english, and it's not that easy, and Tom never allowed me to analyse his life through his writings, I think I've done enough you know :) I'm totaly certain he wouldn't like a perfect stranger to know about his privacy that much (believe me, he wouldn't like it). So no, I won't send anything to anyone.And as I've already explained : I'm not God, I'm certainly wrong about few things.
Can you tell us about his father ?
Euhm no, this is exactly the kind of things I won't talk about :D. His privacy you know. but NO !! HE DOEN't HATE HIS FATHER !! I see any things but nothing like hate inside of Tom. No shadow on the sun ;)
Can you tell us how he feels about his sisters?
euhm no :D writings doesn't tell me how he feels about his neighboors either :D, this is not divination, so no, I can't tell you what I truly don't know :)
If I write to him, will he respond ?
Euh...did I tell you I'm not God ? :D
I'm sure he realy wants to read every letter he receives, just like he'd adore to read every tweet, pleasing us is one of his priority ( no, not according to his writing, according to his behavior :D) : HE CANNOT.
So, write to him, he may read it, but about him aswering, you know, he's just like us : his days are 24H long
Did he ever write to you ?
nop, the "letter" you see here was found on the internet : I never wrote to him, he doesn't know I exist :)
Does he like to be "the sexiest man alive" ?
I cannot remember who asked me this, but I am absolutly certain he's not that much about that thing. I watched many videos of him talking about that, believe me, he loves us fangirling, but being "sexy" is nothing he cares about. I wrote about it here
Guys, remember I just did this for fun, nothing very serious and I don't have any kind of ultimate truth about Tom : we've never met and we never will.
I've been Loki'd just like most of you, I wrote this because there's lot to see in his videos, that's it. He's not even my fav' actor you know :D ! ( my favs are Liam Neeson & Edward Norton)
I did this about Tom just like I did it about christophe Barbier before (a very  very famous french journalist, he read it , send me an autograph and he's following me on twitter now, adorable isn't it ?). It's just fun while I do not sleep. Still, I'd be very glad if you could send me pictures of your autographs/writing via Twitter ( @_something2b_), his signature is...very very interesting :)
Anyway, don't take this too seriously.
Have a marvellous life people !
follow me ! @lokipinkrabbit @_something2b_

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Pay for Writing 20/07/2016 12:44

Well to be honest the articles and the blogs are really appreciative.

essay writing company 11/09/2014 09:18

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anon 23/08/2014 21:01

I have met and had conversations with Tom in private settings. Many of your observations are fairly accurate. He has a very unpredictable temper though and you never are quite sure what is going to set him off until it is too late and he does drink a lot. He is a very emotional man but no, he does not stay with women for long. You are also correct that he is very much a person who has to be in control all the time.

ririe 04/10/2015 14:27

I never met him, I found his autograph on the web, as written on the handwriting analysis

Martina 08/08/2015 08:09

My God, is he this unpredictable? He sounds like a man I would not want to cross. So he isn´t really sweet, he only acts it? And I dunno why, I always thought of him as gay. How did you get to meet him, by the way?

J 12/06/2014 21:12

Man, I would pay to have you analyse my writing! Is that possible?

khadiza 14/02/2015 12:09

You do not need to pay anyone. Its a easy method. Though not many people know it. I could do it for you, if you want. :)

JJ 25/05/2013 02:00

T'es bien barrée mais c'est utile, dans le sens où c'est bien fait. Nous on doit l'avoir en interview à Cannes. Si j'peux j'lui parle de ton blog ;)