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16 septembre 2013 1 16 /09 /septembre /2013 17:37

Last year, I wrote here that Tom is not that much about winning the "Total Film Hotlist" award. And many Hiddles started to spam me with, euhm, not very kind tweets. I didn't feel like answering.

But now I'd like to show you something :

This is Tom receiving his Total Film Hotlist award (as usual, turn off the sound)


Now, this is Tom winning on MTV Movie Awards (don't listen, just watch, from 0"00 to 0"46)


Did you notice his smile and what he's doing with his shoulder ? Tom is proud. Really.

Now if you really don't see the difference, well...just watch again :D

 Of course, Tom is  politely pleased to "win" something given by fans. But Tom is a man, and "sexy" to a man is not "sexy" to a woman. I'm sure he misunderstood his "price", your votes.


Marilyn Monroe and Megan Fox

In 2007 the whole world discovered Megan Fox. Same year, I heard 7 collegues, men, talking about her. Let's say it clearly, they were saying that she was "fuckable" (I say pornable). They used the word "sexy" many times, they were talking about her like they would talk about a sex toy, not a human being.

I can't remember how but in the end, they talked about Marilyn Monroe. They didn't use the word "sexy", they did not talk about her like she's a sex toy, they said she were beautiful, wonderful, so female, so this, so that...but not sexy.

To me, as a woman, Marilyn is sexy, the pornable way. Seems like, to many men, Marilyn is THE woman. Not a sex toy but a kind of goddess, something unreal, too beautiful, too perfect to be true. A fantasy, but not the pornable way. Interesting, isn't it ?

I've talked to many many men since that year, I noticed that, most of the time, when you say "sexy" they say "Megan Fox", when you say "beautiful" they say "Angelina Jolie/ Monica Belluci", when you say "woman" they say..."Marilyn Monroe".


As Tom Hiddleston actualy is a man, I'm quite sure when he's said he's "sexy", he undertands "you are pornable, you are...Megan Fox".

You get it all wrong man, that's not what the Hiddlesphere means when they say you are the sexiest man alive.


Because Sexy is not pornable

No, Hiddles don't mean you are "pornable" Tom.

Facts are : when Hiddles think Tom Hiddleston, they don't feel like some do when they think "Justin Bieber". When girls think "Justin Bieber", they think "taking his clothes off and raping him violently". When Hiddles think "Tom Hiddleston", they want a... a...



Yeah, they want a hug.

So sex, isn't it...


Fact N2 : I saw many many fanart pictures, some very amasing, drawings of Tom and Loki. Seems like Loki is "pornable", some fans (men most of the time) draw Loki in very very sexual postures. But not Tom. Drawing Tom naked or having sex seems to be a HiddleTaboo. Tom is respectable, Tom is not pornable.


And this is when I lose every man and this is when they ask "if he's not pornable, why he's he the sexiest man alive" ??

Because "sexy" in Hiddles mouth doesn't mean pornable but SENSUAL


Big Time Sensuality (never mind, I'm just singing Björk :D)


What is sensuality?

We can talk about it for hours, but there are few certain things we can say about it : Sensuality cannot be faint, and sensuality cannot be learnt. You are sensual, or you are not.

Sensuality is not subjective the way beauty is. Because beauty depends on your tastes, but not sensuality. Sensuality is an emotional response to something your senses are experiencing, most of the time, sensuality comes from what you see, but some sounds can create very sensual sensations.

Yeah...some sounds...like deep voices. Deep voices are "porn for ears" to woman. In France, in 2007, we had a presidential election. To win, some communication experts told Nicolas Sarkozy to speak slowly, with his deepest voice. Why ? Because deep male voices are sexy, the sensual way. When a woman listen to a male deep voice, she feels secure, confident. It's very hypnotic to women. If you're not sure, talk about a girl about how she feels when she listens to Depeche Mode's The World In My Eyes at night :D

Nicolas Sarkozy won.

Tom Hiddleston has deep voice. Not as deep as Benedict Cumberbatch, but he has a typical voice, a deep one, a...sensual one.

If you talk about Jeff Goldblum to a man, he will tell you "he's a great actor", if you talk to a 30/40 years-old woman about Jeff Goldblum, you'll see some lights in her eyes telling you "Jeff is a god of sex" and men won't understand anything...(I tried)

He doen't have a face like Brad Pitt, no. But he's sooooo sensual when he moves...a mix of sweetness, strength, agility. Something very masculine that you cannot really explain but you feel it intensely. 

Marilyn Monroe is THE woman, Jeff Goldblum is THE man, and Tom Hiddleston the god of sensuality.



Tom's extreme sensuality is the reason why you watch this


And even if your eyes are telling you you're watching Loki, you know you are not. There's something wrong : he looks like Loki, but he doesn't MOVE like Tom Hiddleston.

And Tom's sensuality is the reason why I think finding a real good double to Tom is impossible


Tom's extreme sensuality is the reason why you watch this


and you doen't feel anything, but you see this


And everything inside of you just...



And Tom's sensuality can usualy be seen in his hands, reason why you can see many Tumblr pictures showing gifs of his hands and saying "this is hand porn".

And Tom's extreme sensuality is the reason why Hiddles usualy say he's the sexiest man alive.


@lokipinkrabbit /@_something2b_


much more to read here

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